Shannon Diana

21, UK Based Blogger.

Recovery To Relapsing within 72 hours

Trigger warning – I will be writing about some raw, honest and emotional content such as self-harming and being suicidal and talking about relapse.  If you aren’t ready to read about this content. Please do not read this post.  This week has been an awful week. I’m not looking for sympathy as I don’t need it. I just want to spread awareness and talk about what has happened and how […]

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A little break won’t hurt

Picture this.. 4am on a cold Friday morning… Suddenly woke up like a rabbit in a headlights reaction.. This idea popped into my brain. “I want to start my blog up again”  After 6 months break from the whole blogging lifestyle and community mainly because I wasn’t well and I needed the break due to personal reasons.  So, let me update you what has been going on.  Mental Health-  What’s new? […]

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