My Favourite and least favourite Makeup product and why!?

In the Beauty industry there has been a lot of improvements into makeup over the years, new products are being brought out and the products what were already on sale have been improved by changing their formulas etc..

Back in the 1950’s my Gran only had boxed mascara and a lipstick. A boxed mascara sounded pretty cool as I don’t like the mascara tubes nowadays. I don’t really wear mascara as I dont like it plus i have sensitive eyes which is a curse! So it’s my personal opinion, I’m not hating on any brand of mascara I just don’t like it.

Boxed Mascara.


My least favourite makeup product: 

Mascara has to be my least favourite product because in all honestly I just don’t like it. I have sensitive eyes so I have to be careful when testing mascara if I do test it. I much prefer false eye lashes whenever I feel the need of a little confidence boost.

My Favourite makeup product: 

Everyone who knows me knows that I love eye shadow palettes. I love them so much because eye shadow is easy to apply. Blending is awesome as well as you can make amazing different looks with eye shadow. Whatever mood you are in.


What are your favourite product and least favourite product?!  


5 thoughts on “My Favourite and least favourite Makeup product and why!?

  1. I think my least fav is eye shadow only because i dont know how to apply it properly 😦 My favourite product is eyeliner, although i still need to learn how to apply it like a pro on the top line!


  2. Aw I love mascara! I feel as if it completes my look but I do love eyeshadow too! Great post, it’d mean a lot if you checked my blog out too x

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