A Beauty Bay Package! It’s A Good Day!!

Beauty Bay Knows!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well.

Today’s post is about beauty bay packages! I’m starting my beauty series now. I will update regularly as and when I can.

I’m feeling pretty shitty today with my head so I was surprised when I got a knock on the front door by my amazing hermes lady. Shoutout to her as she never breaks or loses my packages like some previous hermes delivery people.. If anyone knows me I hate answering the front door due to my anxiety but I’m pretty glad I answered the door to this!

Shoutout to beauty bay as their delivery service is awesome as it was ordered yesterday at 6pm and got delivered at 12pm Today! It was also standard delivery 2-3 working days and it only took 17 hours. Damn gurl.

As everyone knows I love eye shadow palettes, I own about 27 now 28! Why so many for just 2 eye lids? What a stupid question to ask someone who likes make up. It makes me happy, so shut up yelling at me.

See I Told You I Wasn’t Joking!


I’ll be honest, I opened the box like it was a Christmas present like a little kid. I always do this cause it’s so exciting! I gotta say beauty bay is rocking with the safety brown packaging making sure my precious Laura Lee x Violet Voss palette didn’t get smashed. I felt so happy for 5 minutes which is pretty rare for me.

The original price for this palette would be- £40. But I got this palette for £27.99 which is pretty awesome. 30% off buzzinggg.

Can we just admire the packaging for a minute? Oh my god. I’m a packaging whore. I live for cute packaging. It’s so beautiful. I love Violet Voss as well as all their eye shadows are highly pigmented which is a blessing as you don’t wanna be trying to build a eye look with a shitty pigmented palette.

23192784_431336013935263_609992393_n Laura Lee x Violet Voss


23192689_431336030601928_1566309550_n (1)


I bloody love a good offer as well. So I had to purchase it and also it was a treat for me going through my TMS treatment for six weeks, starting soon so yolo. Beauty Bay is winning lately with their offers and I’m loving them!

I feel like I could rock these any time of the day!

So Beauty Bay you keep slaying cos I love ya! As it has cheered me up a lot. Thanks guys and gals for reading my posts and supporting them! I appreciate it very much.

Speak Soon!

Love Shannon x



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