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Reliving my childhood- My Little Pony 🦄

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well.

Today’s post is about Colourpop! I’m starting my 2nd post about make up in my beauty series now. I will update regularly as and when I can.

When I saw this on my Instagram, Give me a cheeky follow btw – @Shannondianaxx I was buzzing! I bloody loved my little pony! When I was a little kid, so I knew I was gonna purchase it. I hate custom charges with a passion. So I was like erm do I or don’t I, you only live once so why the hell not. It only came up to £13. Anything over £15/$18 can be liable for vat/customs/duty. It’s always 20% of the value of the order plus £8 Royal Mail handling fee. Plus colour pop is vegan and cruelty free which is awesome.

I wasn’t disappointed with this order and definitely going to order again as this was amazing. Plus the cute little card makes you feel special every order you get! Look at the little ponies! So damn cute.

Pin Wheel Liquid Lipstick- $6.00

I can’t wait to try my Pin Wheel Liquid lipstick, I’m not normally a pink fan but I thought why not. The formula is nice as well. A Vibrant cool-toned fuchsia.

MY LITTLE PONY PALETTE (Pressed Powder Shadow) $16.00


Butterscotch: white with subtle pink violet opalescent sheen

Blossom: metallic peach with pink and gold duochrome finish

Starshine: metallic golden tangerine

Bluebell: satin golden ivory

Applejack: matte dusty red violet

Skydancer: metallic bright icy lavender

Minty: matte cool-toned fuchsia

Flutterbye: matte true pastel peach

Twilight: satin deep blackened violet

Firefly: metallic silvery baby blue

Snuzzle: metallic icy white with opalescent blue duochrome

Princess Sparkle: metallic rich smokey turquoise

From shimmery glitters and wearable mattes, to bright pops of colour and surprising iridescent! I love the packaging! Cute AF. Just imagine the looks you can pull with this palette. I bloody love it! Plus so many cute ponies❤️

Pressed Powder Highlighter- $8.00
trickles, a Lavender with pink opal duochrome flip what is super soft and silky and super blend able. It’s okay would use it for a topper. It wouldn’t work that well on it’s own. I love it though! Look at that packaging though how adorable is it! So cute..


I will definitely buy this again, as colour pop is my life.

Speak Soon!

Love, Shannon x

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