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Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well.

Today’s post is about instead of praising beauty products I thought I would let you know my pet hates when it comes to all things makeup related.  I will also be doing a 5 things I love about makeup post so that it isn’t all doom and gloom for my readers don’t you worry.

These pictures are not owned by me, they are from google can I just give an disclaimer.

Lets crack on!

1. Unhygienic makeup stands, disgusting testers and opened makeup. Like why? You wouldn’t sell an opened packet of chocolates so why sell someone make up when somebodies finger prints are all on it! It’s just disgusting and horrible. If I’m paying £10 for an highlighter palette I don’t expect to see fingerprints and dents on the product!! So many times I have not been able to buy a concealer etc in a shade because they have all been opened and used. Or even worse is when you purchase a product to find out it’s already been used when you get home! Rant over guys. This girl needs to chill.


2. Eye shadow applicators where do I start, Oh no here comes the rant again.. It is now 2017  and I think most of us have realised that using our fingers is a much better skill than the crappy foam/plastic applicators that come with some eye shadows. I don’t see the point in them, I can’t stand them they just feel horrible on my eye lids. I hate them with a passion. Eye shadow applicators just need to be banished far far away! Plus they break easily.


3. How eBay seem to be unable to take control of the huge amount of fake makeup being sold. Like literally, I know it’s cheaper than the real thing but come on you could get a really bad reaction or even get a health problem to it. Just because it’s cheaper than the real thing. You can’t put money on your health either so why not save and wait till you can get the real thing. Plus people who have the nerve to post it as the real thing! Sit down and behave. You could damage someone. How does this make you feel? You should be ashamed of yourselves for selling an product what might be harmful.


4. Cheap & Useless Makeup sets for teens oh please say you remember these? From Argos? £15 pound for set what are useless. The pigmentation is crap and just in general they have shitty quality. Plus the lip shades tasted disgusting on your mouth. Plus the bronzer would be far too dark for pale girls like myself. I wasn’t blessed to be tanned either!! Brands such as MUA and Make Up Revolution have proven that makeup can be pretty good quality and cheap. So please stop these I’m begging.


5. Reformulation and discontinuation another thing what grinds my gears completely, you stay loyal to a brand and you buy the same product for many years then they decide to discontinue it like thanks pal for that. Not like I like that product or anything! Ugh. Plus all of a sudden the formula changes. It’s happened to me a few times and I’ve always hated the new formula and have never repurchased them again. I mean, why?! Even the tiniest change can affect the whole result. Which will lead to sales from the product dropping. How shady is that though? Oh I haven’t used that word for years damn gurl throwing it back here.


I could continue as there’s more reasons but I’ll stop here and may do a part two!

What’s the one thing you hate about makeup?

Speak Soon,

Love, Shannon x

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