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Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well.

Today I thought I might blog about something quite special to my heart – Some of my favourite makeup brands and why. I’d be here all day if I wrote them all. But I might make a part two as I’m liking these sort of posts! Call it a brand review, call it anything.

Let’s crack on!

Urban Decay

Ever since I got into make up, urban decay had to be my first ever high end brand I brought. I’ve been lover of it ever since. It has been my part-time love. First of all, eye shadow quality is amazing. Second of all, who couldn’t resist the Naked Heat palette  No one! The lipsticks are amazing and they do last really well I find. The 24/7 Glide On eye Pencils are so nice as well as they don’t budge plus the colour range is fantastic.. The only downside I think are those really chunky shadows with way too much fallout.  Who couldn’t go without their trusty Urban Decay setting spray… It has saved me in many occasions! Love you Urban Decay.


Make Up Revolution

See this can be a hit and miss but in my honest opinion, I love their matte lipsticks and highlighters! For a cheap price as well, they are worth every penny. For a drug store brand is quite good, the highlighters are very pigmented. Plus Sophdoesnails new palettes are amazing! The best collaboration ever! Another hit for me is the colour correcting palette, that is my holy grail. I love it, It suits my skin very much which some brands colour corrector’s don’t. The only downside is the Luxe Lip kit. I personally find the formula nasty and smelt and looked horrible on my lips. But you find something in every brand you dislike. I did love the Halloween section of make up revolution! I loved the midnight unicorn palette as it was so pigmented.


Violet Voss

Well what can I say? I love Violet Voss eye shadows they are so pigmented which is amazing! It is an expensive palette but not that expensive if you compare to other palettes in the make up industry. One of their palettes are called Holy Grail and to be honest it is my holy grail. It’s fool proof, at first I couldn’t do eye shadow without messing it up! But this helped my journey with eye shadow and now I wouldn’t go anywhere else without this palette! Very versatile and perfect for the autumn! Easy to blend and amazing pigmentation! Everything you need in an eye shadow palette really is a holy grail. So thank you Violet Voss.



I love Kat Von D so much. I love the fact she is cruelty free. I hate the idea of make up companies who test on poor innocent animals. I just love her as a person. My first ever purchase was the Shade and light palette. Visually, this may not be the most exciting eye shadow palette but it’s definitely the most pigmented I’ve ever used! I love the saint and sinner palette also it’s so beautiful and the colours are so bold which visually it’s amazing and I had to buy it when it first came out. Lastly ‘Everlasting’ liquid lipstick, This product is excellent! The colour payout is so nice and it didn’t feel horrible on my lips! The prices are a bit steep but I can justify spending a bit more on it as it’s awesome quality. I cannot recommend Kat Von D makeup enough.


As I said in my intro I have so many brands I could write down but I’d be here all day, I will do a part two as I really liked doing this post!

Speak Soon,

Love, Shannon x


  1. Hey, beautiful I really enjoyed your blog post I was engaged from the beginning to the end really informative..just given your blog a follow looking forward to more


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