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Brand Review- Make Up Revolution!

Hey Everybody!

I hope you are all okay!

Today’s second post is something new for a new series I’m doing for my beauty part of the blog. I am doing some make up brand reviews. What I think of the company and do I purchase from them!

Today company is Make Up Revolution

When I first got into make up I tried their stuff and some of their stuff is ace but some is a bit naff. Like any other brand you will get some products you personally don’t like. This is classed as an drugstore brand and I do agree some of their prices and products like the Soph Highlighter palette. It’s £8 but it’s freaking amazing. I love it and her Soph Eye palette.  That is £10. It’s my favourite drug store palette.  2 decent palettes for less than £20! Which in today’s world is awesome.

It’s ideal for any ages! kids to adults. It’s budget friendly as well.

The products I personally dislike are the Foundation/BB Cream but that is my preference, it might work for others but it doesn’t work for me as my skin is so sensitive. Plus the added bonus I’m like Casper the friendly ghost twin sister. I’m so pale so the shade was way to dark for me even I brought the lightest shade. The lip kits as well, Well frankly I don’t know if it just was a dodgy package but it smelt horrible and it felt horrible on my lips. Everybody is raving about the lip kits but I just don’t know if it was I had an dodgy packet or it doesn’t suit me, I also don’t want to spend another £6 on something if it’s gonna be horrible again.

The Products I’m loving are the eye shadow palettes,highlighters,matte lipsticks! Can I just praise Make Up Revolution for bringing amazing pigmented highlighters out! I love them and they are so cheap which is an extra bonus as I’m trying to save money.  I love the matte lipsticks they have brought out and the cheapest one is a £1 and the pigmentation is wicked and it feels ace on my lips! Highly recommended as when I was in a rush for an hospital appointment, I lost my trustee lippy and went to super drug and was in a rush so I just picked a shade called Dazzle and oh it was the life saver then! Even my nurses complimented on the lipstick saying it looked awesome! It didn’t smudge either! I’m currently loving the eye palettes, I love Midnight unicorn palette it’s so bold but so cute as well and pigmented for the value of money it’s pretty decent.


Like I said previously, You are going to find some hit and misses in every brand, Whether it’s high end or drug store.

I highly recommend this to all my other friends and family for dupes of high ends items. I use them myself. Plus you don’t have to re mortgage your house to afford these items!

Please comment on what other brand I should do next as I love the feedback!

Speak Soon,

Love, Shannon x


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