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20 Goals at 20.

Hey Everybody.

I hope you are all okay and having a nice weekend.

I’ve seen so many other lifestyle bloggers doing these sort of blogs, So I thought I’ll give it ago. I hope this is interesting!! I have 20 things that I want to have completed while I’m 20. This means that I have until the 8th October 2018 to complete everything I’ve put on the list.

  1. Learn a new skill
  2. Be an ambassador for an mental health charity as I’d love to do that.
  3. Make a youtube channel
  4. Start saving money for the future
  5. Learn how to deal with my bad days more better
  6. Go on more adventures
  7. Buy at least one product from Charlottle Tilbury and Marc Jacobs
  8. Explore Birmingham
  9. Reach 200 followers on the blog
  10. Say at least one thing positive about myself
  11. Finally try coffee! ( One of biggest things I can’t stand)
  12. Start being more confident
  13. Raise more money for an Specific Charity
  14. Try some more drug store brands
  15. Try and cook an Sunday roast without any help
  16. Learn to live without my phone for a week! (That’s so hard for real for me)
  17. Start reading again
  18. Start going back to the gym
  19. Wear other colours than black
  20. Be social more and actually go out more to places

Speak, soon

Love Shannon x

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