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Review- Primark Glitter Obsessed Eye Cream. Yay Or Nay?

My first impression is that’s ideal if you are going to do an glam going out look. From Primark beauty section, I love Primark lip crayons and lip pencils. So I was hopeful to try these so I did it and brought it. It was either going to be an amazing bargain that I found or It was going to be shoddy cheap so called glitter palette.

You get 28 glitter eye creams all varying in different shades all for £4, I thought yes it could be a winner and a cheaper dupe than other more expensive palettes.  I was so wrong, I hated the textured, It felt all greasy and like it was just Vaseline covered in glitter. I wanted to swatch these on my arm to show you all but it just wouldn’t swatch right and it looked such a mess..

No matter how you try put it on your lids it just makes an mess and it ruins your eye look. I tried it as an eye shadow it didn’t work so I tried it as an eye shadow topper that didn’t work either.

Ideally this would be useful for children if they wanted to play with make up, but if you like make up and want a glitter palette in your life, This palette wouldn’t be right for you and I’d spend a little bit more on buying an awesome pigmented palette what is ideal for you.

The score I would give this is 2/10. It looks amazing but the quality is horrible and the pigmentation is rubbish. I was so upset, as I wanted a glitter palette. Obviously, Primark make up is very hit or miss to begin and it’s my own fault for getting far too excited with high expectations of this palette. I’m so glad I only spent £4 so it wasn’t that expensive.

All my reviews are honest and not sugar coated this review. I’m not slating the brand either, as I love primark especially the lip crayons!

Have you tried this product and do you like this?!

Speak Soon,

Love,Shannon x

One thought on “Review- Primark Glitter Obsessed Eye Cream. Yay Or Nay?

  1. I have this palette and completely agree! It’s just like vaseline with a to layer of glitter and fairly useless as eyeshadow! I use it for costume stuff sometimes but that’s essential me doing makeup like a child playing with makeup haha x


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