10 things that make me happy!

Hello Guys!

I hope you are okay!

I’m really sorry if you get fed up of these kinda posts but I loveeeee doing lists! It’s my new thing! Please enjoy the simpsons gifs as I love gifs and the simpsons just make me happy as well!

So lets crack on!

  1. Shopping- I love shopping. I can spend so much money in a short amount of time which is bad but it makes me feel better so why not. I love Make Up shopping and the looks you get from the posh sales assistants saying what do you want and all that. Just because you aren’t wearing make up and you look like the ghost of Christmas past, Is quite funny! But yes I’m like a little kid while shopping! I haven’t been shopping for ages! 

giphy (5).gif

2. Blogging- Writing this blog has become a hobby of mine. One of the reasons I started to help other people and to end the stigma of mental illness. Another reason why I started this because I wanted to find a way to deal with my mental health. I can talk about it freely here while learning about other bloggers experiences. I can also record all the good times in my life so I never forget the things I should be grateful for. So it’s kinda my journal for my recovery. 


3. Listening to music- This makes me feel happy when I’ve had a crappy day, I can just put my earphones and blast my music out. It calms me down as well when I am having a panic attack. 

giphy (1).gif

4. Taking naps- I regret not taking naps as a child now that I don’t have a daily nap-time, but every once in a while I get to pass out for a bit, when my head lets me and I love napping. It makes me feel better.

giphy (2).gif

5. Family and Friends and My dog- There is nothing better than some words of wisdom from your friends or family. Or a hug from my family. Honestly, I am very blessed to have wonderful people around me, that support me no matter what. Plus my dog I love him so much, he is so cuddly and just in general cheers me up when I’m feeling rubbish. 


6. Food- I’m a big foodie and it makes me very happy! 

giphy (3).gif

7. Snow- I love nothing more than waking up to a complete white out. Building snowmen, snowball fights, warming up with a hot chocolate and then doing it all over again. But I hate ice. I can’t stand the Ice. 


8. Christmas- Christmas is my most favourite time of the year, l love everything about it. I love the winter and the advent calendars! 

giphy (4).gif

9. Helping others- I love helping others, It’s a big thing of mine. If I see someone upset I’d go and ask what’s wrong and try make them feel better. As I hope that they would do the same with me.

10. Old photos- I absolutely love looking through old photos and feeling all nostalgic. I think reliving old memories makes a lot of people happy. The good ones anyway. I’m definitely no exception.


What would you put on your happy list?

Love Shannon x

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