My Top 10 Weaknesses.

Hey Everybody!

How are you doing?

I’m back. Yes Shannon is finally back! It wasn’t chicken pox in the end it was an really bad allergic reaction! What a plot twist. I’m on steroids and antihistamines. Plus I’m dying my hair blue this week which I can’t wait for! So excited.

Right it’s another list. As I love lists. It’s a sad title but I wouldn’t be me if I never had these weaknesses they’ve made me grow which is a positive thing.

let’s crack on.

  1. I get nervous when speaking in front of people or on the phone. I hate it. But I’m growing up plus it’s mainly my anxiety.
  2. Overthinking. Oh my god, this is my worse one. I can over think so damn much.
  3. Losing my temper. I’m so moody when I’ve had no sleep.
  4. Tend to go to any limits while helping my friends and family and sometimes they take advantage.
  5. I can be blunt sometimes.
  6. I’m a procrastinator.
  7. I have days where I can’t show emotion but other days I can show too much emotion.
  8. Not taking criticism well. I’m alright at taking criticism but when I’ve tried my best for something. I stick up for myself.
  9. I’m very shy.
  10. I take on far much stuff than I can actually deal with.



What are your weaknesses?

Speak Soon,

Shannon x

4 thoughts on “My Top 10 Weaknesses.

  1. I’m an overthinker so I can totally relate to this 💕. I also compare myself to others a lot and worry I’m behind in life when my friends are getting married and having a family. Great post, I admire your honesty in sharing your weaknesses 😘 xx

    Bexa |


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