My Top 10 Strengths

Hey Everybody!

How are you doing?

As you saw my doom and gloom post about my top 10 weaknesses, I thought I’d do my top 10 strengths. I hope you enjoy these lists. As I love doing these lists.

Right let’s crack on

  1. Kindness- I love being kind to people and when people are kind back to me it gives me a little warmth feeling inside my body! 
  2. Humour- I love a laugh sometimes, I tend to laugh at stupid times which is an weakness but a positive because when you need to cry just laugh. That’s what I do anyway and I feel a little bit better when I do it. I don’t mean laugh at bad stuff but laugh at somethings what make you sad and it will cheer you up. 
  3. Bravery- I think this is my top strength as I’ve been through a lot of things in my life and I’ve always came out better and braver. I tend to be a bit quiet first then build up confidence up before I go out in the big wide world.
  4. I have charm but I can be honest when it needs to be. 
  5. Observant- Since I’ve been battling with my mental illnesses I’ve developed this skill as I’m observant when I’m going out and more wary when it comes to meeting new people. 
  6. I’m a great singer, I literally should go on X factor literally could sing Lilly Allen’s classics pitch perfect.. Erm with my headphones in but that still counts right? 
  7. I use to be so sociable before I was poorly. I use to love going on new adventures and going walking. Exploring was my favourite thing to do. 
  8. I love problem solving. 
  9. I’m caring. I love caring about people. I tend to care about other peoples feelings than my own which is a weakness but also a strength. 
  10. Writing- I love writing. Even if I hated it at school. My blog is also improving my writing which is a bonus.

So what are your strengths?


Shannon x

writing-hands-lg.jpg be-kind.jpg

One thought on “My Top 10 Strengths

  1. I loved this post Shannon! Its such a good idea, I feel like list posts are my favourite to read and write. Thankyou for sharing with me on Twitter I will be back to see what else you have uploaded! I love you banner

    Much love,
    Niamh xx


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