Schwarzkopf Hair Dye Review – Mystic Violet.

Hey Everyone.

How are you doing?

Well today I missed doing reviews, I love beauty reviews. So I thought I’d do a hair dye  review as I’m starting to explore different hair dyes and different hair colours.

One day last year I wanted a change from brown hair. It was getting boring and I wanted to try another colour.

So I tried… Mystic Violet. 


I wanted a drastic change and a new appearance. So I thought why not. I advise if you have very long and thick hair use 2 boxes. I was looking forward to such a dramatic colour change. I did a 24 hour patch test and it was fine so it was mission go for a new hair colour! The colour was lovely and vibrant as it went on and it actually smelt nice. It sounds so weird but I actually like the smell of hair dye.

After 30 minutes, it was washed out, and the lovely smelling Live Colour After Treatment was put in. It looked bright when it was damp hair so I was excited to see the finish outlook when it was dry.

I’m sorry about the piggy filter as I loved it back then!

My hair was left nice and shiny, and healthy. It felt so smooth. I had no words. I love this colour. I had so many nice compliments about how bright it was. I’m so happy it worked so well for my hair colour.

Another filter picture! Oh my dear.

The aftercare was awesome as well. It stayed on for so long and I only had to re dye my roots one time as I had mega brown roots so it was obvious I had to do my roots. This was my holy grail hair dye.

When it fades. It turns into a nice red.

I highly recommend this hair dye as it’s awesome for beginners and it’s not that expensive as Superdrug does daily deals on it. I love this hair dye so much. I’m exploring this week as I’m dying my hair cosmic blue mixed with electric blue! I’m so excited.

What’s your favourite hair dye and why?

Love Shannon x

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