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Get To Know The Author Of This Blog! Shannon Diana!

Hey you lovely people!

I thought I’d do a get to know me post. Another List! Because everyone knows Shannon loves a list don’t they. I will be telling you 20 facts about me and just in general for you to get to know me.

Lets crack on!

1. I love lists. If you can’t really tell… I live for making lists! 

My favourite Gif ever. 

2.  My Mental health related tattoo got over 2000 likes on Instagram, I nearly fainted. When I opened up my Instagram to so many likes! 

I was so speechless. 

3. I love tattoos and I love the feeling of being inked. Strange I know but it just gives me a buzz and it makes me feel more comfortable in my own skin. I have 7 tattoos.

My favourite tattoos ever. Harley and Joker.

 4. I love Simpsons. Its my favourite ever cartoon show. Maggie is my favourite.

She’s so cute! 

5. I love game of thrones. Especially Jon Snow I love him.

Kit Harington- I love him. 

6. I have a dog called Oscar he’s a Jack Russell and No he doesn’t snap.

Sadly he hasn’t won any Oscars recently. 

7. My favourite drink is Pepsi. I love Pepsi.

I know I shouldn’t be drinking this but it tastes so so nice.

8. My favourite meal was Nandos but I’m stupidly now allergic to chicken so I love pizza now! It’s my favourite. I love Ham and Pineapple pizza. It’s so perfect and yummy. 

Me when I decide to eat pizza. 

9. I’m 20 years old. Even if my body acts like a 90 year old lady. 

Accurate Gif of my life.

10. I take all my photos on my iPhone 8 plus.

Forever doing that pose. 

11. I have a fear of tight spaces. It’s pretty horrible as I never rarely explore anything now as I’m scared I’ll get trapped or something. 

This is the word for it. 

12. I use to hate school. I hated it with a passion.

I feel you bart. 

13. I love a early morning brew. I’m not me without my morning cuppa! 2 sugars and milky! Milk goes in after the tea bag is out! 


14. I wanted to be a zoo keeper when I was little then I wanted to be a nurse then a famous singer. Yes I wanted to be all those things.

It looks so cool though. 

15. My favourite movie has to be Lego Batman Movie. As it was so damn cute.

That little face though. 

16. Apart from my blogging I like online shopping when I can afford to actually do it. I love shopping. 

Quite true. 

17. I might sound so out going and so bubbly and confident. But I’m also so so very shy. 

This is me. 

18. If you don’t already know I love gifs and memes. They cheer me up when I’m feeling really down. They are so funny. 

He knows! 

19. I love dogs. They are my favourite animals. They are so fluffy!

I relate to this so so much. 

20. One day I’d love to go into schools, libraries and hospitals. To educate people about mental health and how it effects daily life and tasks but when my depression and anxiety is at a reasonable state. 

So true. 

So that is a little bit about me. I hope you have enjoyed this post. I loved writing this post up. I hope you are all okay. 

Love Shannon x 

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