NYX Turnt up lipstick Review! Hit or Miss?

Hey everybody!

I hope you are all okay!

Today I decided to start my new series! My reviewing series! All my reviews are my own honest opinions.. I won’t sugar coat anything. If it’s shit, it’s shit. Plus I found my perfect flat lay yay!!

Right let’s carry on!

I went to B&M yesterday afternoon and I walked down the health and beauty aisle and I had a quick gander over the make up products like I normally do! I got told by my friends that B&M started to do NYX cosmetics. I thought OMG YESSS! I brought the set of 3 of the Turnt Up lipsticks.

First impressions was that they looked like they was a child set but I thought let’s try them so I brought them for £4.99.


As you can see in the picture, the lipstick doesn’t have a classic packaging. You can see through the transparent cap the exact shade. Also, the thin bullet form makes the application very easy.


One thing I dislike is on the bottom they don’t have the shade name which personal preference as I like to know what colour I’m using and it’s like a guessing game really so that’s disappoints me sadly.

23435785_433270390408492_1225292590_n (1).jpg

The black purple is called Dahlia, I found out that it was too creamy and buttery like a lip balm. It felt okay on my lips but it didn’t sit that well on my lips.. Like any other NYX lipstick! which was disappointing but on the plus side. I love the colour and it’s really is pigmented so that’s a good thing..

The red plum colour is called feline, It lasted 4-5 hours without re applying plus my lips didn’t dry out which is a problem for many lipsticks I own. Which is a good thing, what I like about this lipstick. Plus as I thought it was a lipstick, it had a glossy feel which wasn’t very nice as it became sticky and I hate sticky lipstick!

The Plum colour with a light pink undertone is called wine & dine, I disliked it. I thought the shade looked good before swatching but I tried it on my lips and it wasn’t true to it’s colour and it was sticky which I was very disappointed. It was patchy and I had to reapply about several layers on which then felt horrible and drying. I was soooo disappointed as this was my favourite colour out the three.. So basically it was shitty but meh, It would be alright for little kids when they like to play with make up but other than that.

I’m not slating the brand as I love NYX so much, I just don’t like this type of lipstick as it’s sticky and just messy.

I am disappointed that I spent nearly £5 on this product, it wasn’t very nice at all and I won’t use it again which is upsetting as I love make up and wasting products. But I just can’t use this again as it doesn’t sit well.. But I might have a dodgy packet so who knows!

Have you tried NYX Turnt Up! lipstick? What is your review of it? I’d love to find out.

Love, Shannon x

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