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Sex Education & Mental Health How It Should Be Compulsory To All Schools.

So back in my day when I was at school, We learnt citizenship in year 7 to year 9. But only learnt PSHE in form times. Which I find ridiculous. 30 minutes to learn about personal things what are happening in our adult life. Doesn’t seem a lot does it? Once a week. Plus it would get missed if you had to go to a club for extra learning etc.. 


I’m not gonna say it needs to be preached every single day of every single minute. I’m trying to say that schools should teach children and teenagers about how they are feeling in their heads, how to spot signs of problems and how to make the right decisions when it comes to having a physical relationship when they are at a right age to have sex. 


I hated school with a passion, I got bullied for being the “shy girl whose mum died when she was little” I left with 12 GSCE’s even if one of the teachers said I wouldn’t leave with any qualifications and I would have no future. I would be a nobody. One of them in the offices said. I won’t name and shame the school or the teacher as they kinda helped me to prove them all wrong! 

I left with a lot of qualifications. 

Little did they know what I was suffering from and showing signs of my mental health deteriorating. They kept bragging about all the “smart” people who achieved A*’s but not one said anything about the other pupils like myself who tried their bests. They just blamed it on my up bringing. I wasn’t being treated nicely at home. 

I loved my family life. 

That’s a load of bullshit, I was being treated fine and happy at home. I was being looked after and not neglected. I wasn’t liking school that much and I kept telling them I was being bullied and they just blamed it on me losing my mother at an early age. 

I apparently was so sad at home. 

I was showing the signs of a mental illness, I was showing lack of concentration and the lack of motivation to even be there, I wasn’t eating that much and I kept saying sorry and feeling so damn guilty for even being alive. I felt so tired and just wasn’t coping well with life.

If you are experiencing any of these feelings please tell someone.  

I was referred to CAMHS as well and that just failed me as well. I had an assessment and apparently I was growing up so my feelings never really mattered. I have a different mindset now to 13-year-old Shannon now that I’m 20. I wish I could have a time machine and shout at those people because my feelings and thoughts did truly matter! Whether you’re 20 or 10.. Whatever you are feeling it matters and needs to be talked about. 

Camhs.– One of the articles I have previously looked at. I agree so much. It’s our life in their hands.  “Keeping quiet about something isn’t going to protect people from experiencing mental illness – in fact, it’s likely to make things much worse.”

Sex education to be compulsory in England’s schools – “In primary schools, the focus would be on building healthy relationships and staying safe, the Department for Education said, while in secondary school it would focus on sex as well as relationships!”

When I was growing up and becoming a teenager, I knew about sex and relationships but I didn’t know everything. At our lunch times we use to talk about our boyfriends and what we were doing on the weekends. The “have you had sex yet” questions were always asked and it did feel like if you never had sex with your current boyfriend, You weren’t really together. That’s bullshit. Do not feel pressured of sleeping with your partner as it should be an enjoyable time. Don’t ever have sex if you don’t feel comfortable and you don’t actually want to. 

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If you ever need to talk about your mental health or your sexual health or needs. Please do contact me as I was a teenager once. I knew a lot of things back then. Your mental health and sexual health and physical health are more important than silly rumours.

This is why we need schools to be teaching Sex Education and Mental health more as so many children are suffering in silence and begging for help. Which they aren’t getting. We lived in this world for a long time and now it’s time to change.

Young minds do matter.

Adult minds matter.

Elderly minds matter.

Everyone one is equal.

Shannon x  

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