Black Friday Buys

Hey everyone.

If anyone knows me I am a make up collector and I hate throwing make up away. But I did it so I’m super proud of myself. Because it was black Friday yesterday I thought why not treat myself to some new and well deserved make up. As I love deliveries especially make up related ones!  I did the dreaded task this morning of throwing some of my old and well used make up away. I will make a post when I get all my items delivered to my house and will review them all! 

disclaimer All the pictures are from the websites stated below as I haven’t received my orders yet. I will post my own images when I receive them on my social media platforms. Which you can find here – Contact Details

Shop Number One – Cult Beauty 

I spent about £18.40 on three items what I needed as I didn’t have any left or I had an allergic reaction to it. As my face is so so sensitive..

  1. Full coverage Foundation in the shade 1.0 P Very Fair as I am so pale and hopefully this matches my skin tone. The company is The Ordinary and I am so excited to try this! I’ve heard so many mixed reviews about this foundation but everyone is different so it’s worth a try for £5.90. 
This was £5.90 quite cheaper than my old foundation what was £32!

2. I’m not a primer hoarder as I only have one and it’s my trusted Benefit – ‘The POREfessional’ but I wasn’t prepared to pay £26 so I thought let’s try something different. It’s the same company as I brought my new foundation from and it’s cheaper. It’s called the High-Spreadability Fluid Primer    The price is £5.50. So if does work well I’ll be saving hell of a lot of money! Which everyone knows I love saving money!

Let’s hope this is actually good! 

 3. Setting Spray! I love Mac fix + it smells so fresh but it’s expensive for a little bottle of spray but I still buy it so I don’t know why I am complaining but let’s carry on. This is a lucky pick I wanted to try a drug store setting spray so I typed in setting spray on the search bar and it came up with Make Up Setting Spray (Long Lasting) By NYX Professional Makeup Matte Finish    It was 7 pound so I would be saving money and I really hope this is a lucky buy!

I really hope this works nice! 

Shop Number two Beauty Bay 

Everyone knows I love ordering on beauty bay. They are so quick with deliveries and have some decent bargains on some make up products. 

  1. Milani Conceal And Perfect 2 In 1 Foundation And Concealer Porcelain    I ordered another foundation because I heard so many youtubers talk about this one and I’ve been told it’s a dupe for the Estee Lauder foundation which is £32.50 .  So I thought why not and it was only £9.10 for the black friday sale. The originally price would be £13.00. I brought the shade porcelain because I am Casper the friendly ghost twin sister. I’m really hoping this is amazing stuff as I hardly find a foundation what’s alright for my skin! 
Pale girl problems. 

2. Oh look I haven’t mentioned this for ages! Another eye shadow palette because Shannon isn’t Shannon without buying another eye shadow palette. It’s the Juvia’s Place- The Magic Palette Biggest bargain ever was £30 and when I brought it last night it was £18. I love Juvia’s place eye shadows as they are so pigmented and so nice! Plus when they are on your skin it feels so nice! 

The colours look so beautiful. 

3. PRO.conceal HD High Definition Concealer As you saw on my previous post that I brought the LA girl pro conceal and I love it! I never been the one for colour correcting so I thought why not try it. It was £3.50 instead of a fiver which I thought was a bargain. I’ve heard so many good reviews on this product. I just want my dark circles to disappear so much! I don’t need to buy designer handbags when I have bags myself! 

Can’t wait to try this so much.

My final shop what I went online and it was a massive haul! 

Shop Number Three Superdrug

I did a bit of a haul on this as you got things free if you spent a certain amount on certain brands. 

So here goes!

  1. MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder – Peach Diamond  I love highlighters so much! I’m starting my collection of highlighters now and I loved MUA undress your skin highlighters as I brought others before. So I’m so excited for this to be delivered as I want a glowing look! It was £3. Which is really affordable for drug store prices. 
Loving that colour! 

2. I’ve never been the one for drug store eye palettes but I thought it’s worth a try so I brought the MUA Eyeshadow Palette – Burning Embers. As I wanted to try these colours and to see if the pigmentation was good. It was £8 so hopefully I’m praying the pigmentation is good! 

So many pretty colours! 

I spent ten pounds on MUA cosmetics so I automatically got a free palette included in my order. I tried to find a picture but I couldn’t but I’ll be doing a post about my free items off superdrug so keep your eyes and ears peeled! The palette is called MUA Luxe Dreamy Charm and It does look pretty cool so I can’t wait to try it! 

3. Make Up Revolution Ultra Blush palette- Hot Spice. I’ve never really been a blush kinda girl but I thought I would try it out more and for the price it was wicked. It was £4 for 8 shades which is pretty awesome for the price. I cannot wait to use it I’m so excited. 

It can also be used as contour shades which is pretty ace so you don’t have to bring everything on your journey.

4. I needed a new contour palette and because I have such light and pale ass skin, It was hard to find one what worked well on my skin. But I saw this palette what was a blush but it looked ideal for my contour. It is called Make Up Revolution Blush & Contour palette: All about bronze. It was £4. Which is super cheap for 8 shades and I’ve heard so many good reviews for this and hopefully this will be ideal for my skin tone! 

Let’s all hope this suits my pale ass skin! 

5. I had my trusted eye brow palette for years since 2015. My HD brows palette from Make Up Revolution it was £8 I think! I had my gimme brow from benefit as well but with all the recall information I threw it! But I wanted to try another brow product and as I was browsing the website. I saw this Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow Palette Fair to Medium.  It was £7.99. 1p cheaper! I really hope this works so well. As I loved my HD brows palette and that was pretty messy so I thought Treat Yo Self. 

It looks so cute and has lots of items with it for the price it’s worth it! 

I spent twelve pounds on make up revolution so I automatically got a free palette included in my order. I tried to find a picture but I couldn’t but I’ll be doing a post about my free items off superdrug so keep your eyes and ears peeled! The palette is called bold as brass palette It does look pretty cool so I can’t wait to try it! 

  1. Bleach London Rose Lip Kit– I’ve tried the bleach London hair dye and I loved it so I wanted to try their make up products and I thought I needed a new lip kit so I just brought it. You also get a free small palette what’s worth £8 if you spend over £12. The lip kit cost about £12 so I automatically got the free palette so yes I love freebies! 
It’s vegan and cruelty free so I’m happy and I love the colour! 
The free palette you receive if you spend over £12.
  1. Collection lasting perfection concealer in the shade fair 1. I love this concealer and for the price it’s my holy grail. It’s £4.19 and its worth ever penny. It doesn’t look cakey on my skin and I needed a new one as my old one was messy and it didn’t look nice! 
It’s long-lasting and lasts 16 hours which is amazing and super affordable. 

2. Collection Lasting Perfection Powder – 1 Fair. I’ve never tried this powder but I’ve tried the concealer so I’m hoping this is the same. It’s in the lightest shade. Plus its super affordable and I needed a setting powder but I didn’t wanna pay like £30 for one powder so I thought I’d try drug store first. 

Collection-Lasting-Perfection-Powder-1-Fair-871062 (1).jpg
I’m really hoping this works a treat! 

I spent more than five pounds on collection so you automatically get a free velvet lip cream. Which I’ve never tried before and I am excited to try it. 


I love this colour!

So these are all the stuff I have brought on black Friday. As you can see I did a lot of lucky picks and hopefully I will love these products. 

Did you buy any black Friday products and what were they? 

Shannon x

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