Christmas Beauty Wish List.

I’ve seen so many blogs that are doing blogmas so I thought I’ll try doing it, I won’t promise that I’ll be able to post every single day as I’m currently going through a lot of stuff with my head but I’ll try my hardest. 

As you seen my title. I’m starting my blogmas off by a christmas beauty wish list. What I would like for christmas. Plus everyone knows I love lists!

Disclaimer- the pictures what are used on my post is from the websites I’ve linked onto the text as I don’t have these products to take the pictures off! 

So let’s crack on!

Number 1- 

Huda beauty Textured Shadows Palette Rose Gold Edition and Desert Dusk Palettes

I would love to own both of these or just one as I’ve heard so many good reviews on these palettes. I couldn’t justify paying £56 each for only two palettes. I heard and saw the swatches of the shadows and they are so amazing but I was hoping they did a deal on black Friday. So Santa I’ve been a good girl this year! The pigmentation looks so beautiful which tempting me but I know I have to save all my money. 

fce1666a72e6b59a9aa8d7152ce9d40f (1).jpg
Look how beautiful they are though? 

Number 2- 

Alex Nine Draws! Yes I know you can’t class these as beauty products but I see everyone on my social media and you tube have them who do! They would be ideal for my make up collection and don’t forget my never ending stash of  eye palettes. They are £95 which for nine is quite good and reasonable.

I see so many people have these! 

Number 3- 

I want the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette.  Another palette what a surprise aye! But anyway I love the colour scheme. I’ve heard so many mixed reviews about this palette so I’m a bit wary of spending £37. 

Those colours are so beautiful but so many mixed reviews!

  Number 4-

The Original Unicorn Brushes I love unicorns sooo much! So this would be a perfect gift for me. They are £45 for ten brushes. Which is great for the price plus they look so cute and girly which I love! 


image_39574140-5ee5-48b5-851c-b4415cd8f3a5 (1).jpg
They look so cute!


Number 5-

Cover FX Highlighting Palette  I’ve seen so many good reviews about Cover FX. I do want to try their products but they are a bit pricey. I love high end and I love drug store products. The price of this palette is £42. I think it’s reasonable for 6 shades. I will try one of these products soon! I do love a good glow!



So I could be here all day writing my beauty wish lists but I thought I’d only do a top 5. I loved doing this post..

What are your wish lists for Christmas? 

Shannon x 

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