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Stand Up To Stigma!

Time to Change hosts Global meeting of Anti-stigma Programmes in London! Click on the picture to explore the article. 

If anyone has followed my blog and social media platforms you have notice I like to blog my journey with mental health. I suffer from social phobia disorder and severe depression since the age of seventeen and I had a relapse in march. Due to a traumatic family event. 

I have suffered with a lot of stigma.. Past friends and people who don’t even know me. Plus males who I’ve dated in my lifetime. 

Stigma- “Stigma is a perceived negative attribute that causes someone to devalue or think less of the whole person.” 

“Just snap out of it Shannon” “Just chin up!”  “It could be worse” “At least you are alive” “OH MY GOD SHE’S A NUTTER” “Psycho over there, Lock all your doors” “She can’t be trusted with anyone or even her self” “You don’t even look ill” “You are just doing it for attention”  – This is some of the stuff, I have to put up with living with mental illnesses.

Labels I’ve been called in my past. 

There has been a huge change in perceptions towards mental illness, and today it is talked about a lot more than previous years, but there is still a stigma associated with mental health. We need to get more people talking and sharing experiences of their mental health and how they was treated by mental health services to fight the stigma and get help to the right services as we desperately need the help. 

As I know so many people like myself who have been failed by the NHS and who has been discriminated by society because they have a mental illness.

I’ve been told that “I can’t be treated as I have too many problems” That was from a so called professional doctor who doesn’t even know me or my illness. 

It’s time to change

Stigma does not help people who are suffering at all. It makes the condition worse and it makes people silent and that what the killer is! Don’t listen to anyone who are saying it’s your own fault. Because they are wrong. Don’t listen to anyone who says man up either. 

Because you wouldn’t tell someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer to”man up, it’s not that bad” would you? 

One day, I am planning to work with a mental health advocate who’s called Oli Regan, Go check him out! He’s started Don’t Man Up in 2015 to spread awareness about male mental health. Because whatever gender you are, mental health is still important. His Facebook page is called don’t man up. 

Male mental health is just as important as female mental health is!

One stigma line I see quite a lot is, “If you are a male you aren’t allowed to show feelings and not even allowed to cry..”  That is complete bullshit!  You are allowed to show feelings and emotions. If something is wrong. Please speak to someone, don’t suffer in silence

  My pledge is to get help for the NHS and break stigma down and educate people on what the definition of mental illness is. Because one day I’d love to live in a world what doesn’t discriminate people who suffer from mental or physical illnesses. 

I will say this again.. Male or Female. Boy or Girl. It’s okay not to be okay. Please speak to someone. Don’t suffer in silence. 


Shannon x 

6 thoughts on “Stand Up To Stigma!

  1. As you know Shannon this is a topic that is very close to my heart. I’m sorry for all the names people have called you, but look how strong you are being vulnerable about it and rising above.

    This is a slow change, but the more we share, the more we talk, the more we build our communities…the harder the stigma will fall!


  2. I am sorry that you have been called so many awful names but just by writing this post you are able to reach and help so many people who might feel like they don’t have a voice of their own.


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