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Superdrug Haul..

I’ve never done a superdrug haul before so I thought I should start saving each month then going out and buying some goodies from superdrug! It was black Friday last week. I love it as I’ve saved so much money and got some bargains.

I woke up to deliveries! 

Saturday 2nd December. I had my products delivered to me I was so excited because half of the products, I’ve never used in my life and some trustee products I can’t live without. Like my handy laptop and phone.. I’d probably go into melt down with out my gadgets!

So let’s crack on what did I buy?

Number One- Bleach London

Left- Rose Lip Kit. Right- Small Palette.  

Rose lip kit and small palette what you got free if you spend £12.00 on their products. I was excited as I could never but I really wanna try a Kylie Jenner lip kit, they cost $29.00 plus the added customs which I hate customs! I really wish beauty bay or cult beauty did her lip kits that’s all I ask! But anyway let’s get on the topic. Bleach London. I’ve always loved the hair dye so I thought why not try their make up range! I looked on the Superdrug website. I thought they would be bigger then they actually are but they are handy to travel with I gotta say that! I can’t wait to try it out and review it for my blog. Packaging is really cute as well and I’m glad I have a cute free palette now so I can finally build my own eye shadows up!

Number Two- Make Up Revolution

First top left is a blush/bronze palette called all about bronze could be used as contouring if you have pale skin like myself!  First top right is my ultra brow palette in the shade fair to medium! Bottom Left is called hot spice blush palette. Bottom Right is the free bold as brass palette what I got with my order.

Make Up Revolution has to be my favourite drug store brand ever! I love them so much! Yes some products are hit and misses with your skin type etc but their eye shadows are so nice! I’ve never tried their blushes or bronzer so I’d thought why not give it a go? £4.00 a palette for 8 shades is affordable and awesome for every skin tone possible! From my Black Friday Buys post. I said I was going to try out a new eye brow palette! I can’t wait to try this out so much. It looks so so good includes a little eye brow pencil as well.. Quite cute. I can’t wait to test all my new products for my upcoming reviews and posts! Plus I got a free bold as brass palette with my order because I spent over a certain amount on their make up brand..

Number Three – MUA Cosmetics


MUA Luxe-Dreamy cream palette. Mua highlighter. Mua burning embers eye palette. 


Another drug store brand what you can buy their products for little as a pound.. Currently I’m going through a highlighter phrase, I love highlighters! MUA highlighters are insanely pigmented and cheap. £3.00 for amazing pigmentation you can’t moan can you? It’s travel friendly as well, so you can go out and take it with you on nights out! So you can look flawless while out. I also purchased a burning embers eye palette as I’ve heard mixed reviews on this palette for 25 shades is quite good for the money so I wanted to try this out and I brought it! If you spent £10 on MUA cosmetics you get a free mua luxe dreamy charm palette which I was looking forward too as it looks pretty!

Number Four- Collection Cosmetics

Left- Velvet Kiss Lip Cream. Right- Lasting perfection concealer in shade fair 1. Bottom is lasting perfection power in fair 1.

Does anyone remember collection 2000? Throwing back there! I’ll just include the picture of their logo before I carry on! I lived by their lipstick back when I was exploring make up when I was a little kid. It was cheap and cheerful as it still is today..

Well they change their brand name and revamped their logo. They are still called collection. But I’d thought I’d let you in on some beauty history..

Everyone knows I love their concealer, it’s amazing and by the name, lasting perfection it lasts for ages before it gets horrible and patchy. I always have fair 1 as I’m a pale ass girl.. I love their formula so much. It doesn’t look cakey either and if I don’t do colour correcting, it does cover my dark circles really well. That’s what I hate about my appearance is the dark bags under my eyes! I hate them with a passion! I needed another powder as I used No7 one before and I just want to explore some new products and I want to see if their powder works well like the concealer.. But when I try it when my new beauty blender arrives, I will r view it. I brought it in the shade of fair 1. If you spent over £5.00, you got a free lip cream. I got the shade caramel. I quickly swathed it on my hand and it did look quite nice!

Look at these beautiful palettes! 

I’m thinking of doing a eBay buys post as I recently brought 3 items from eBay and want to blog about it? I’m currently waiting for them to be delivered. If you want to see please leave a comment below x

Shannon x

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