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Travelling Dreams.. ❤️

In the next couple of years.. I wish to stabilise my mental health and stabilise my social phobia. Because I want to travel all around the UK and all around the world.

It must sound so odd doesn’t it? Someone who’s battling a social phobia disorder wants to go travelling? Well before my relapse with my mental health. I had a passion with adventures and travelling. I always loved adventures. I use to get so excited. Since my relapse, I can’t stand to go outside now as I get so scared and think I’m going to get hurt.

It’s sad but it’s not my fault. It’s due to traumatic events! No one should ever feel ashamed about what has happened in their life.

Plus I want to add travelling to my blog as well, that’s one of my main interests. Maybe one day.

Reasons why I want to travel? ✈️

  • To learn about new cultures and new things and just in general to learn about new stuff, As I love learning and educating myself to new things.
  • To make new memories and have new adventures in my life, when I get older and have children of my own. I’d love to tell about every memory I have made,either if it’s bad or good.
  • I want to make meaningful friendships and relationships through travelling. 
  • I believe travelling helps you move forward in life and would give you skills while you are travelling.
  • I would love to travel because it would give me a sense of adventure and freedom. It would allow me to get away from “normal” life, experience other cultures, to get to know places I have only seen in movies. Plus getting to try new food and meet new people.
  • I would love to improve my mental health as well while I’m travelling. I would love to feel like I did before my relapse. I haven’t changed in person but my travelling side is just tucked up in a big duvet until I get better it will come out and play again.
  • This is a personal reason but I thought as you know everything about me and my mental health battle, I’d love to travel and get back to going on crazy adventures just because I can do it. To prove my head and everyone who’s ever doubted me. 
Social Anxiety can effect anyone. Even people who have so much confidence in them. 

So yeah that’s my reasons why I want to go travelling. I would like to think this is one of my goals in life, when I meet someone who loves travelling as much as I do. I would love to travel the world and United Kingdom. I might start travelling UK on my own when my own mental health has stabilised and start blogging about it ❤  

Shannon x 

8 thoughts on “Travelling Dreams.. ❤️

  1. This is a great goal to have! I went travelling when I was still suffering with social anxiety and it was hard work but I had so many amazing experiences too. I don’t know if anyone ever feels completely ready to travel, you just have to feel ready enough, and I’m sure you’ll reach that stage at some point 🙂

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