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#DontManUp- Male Mental Health

I bet you are wondering why the title name eh?

Well why not. This blog is for men and women. Because in reality mental health it isn’t just a “woman thing”.  It’s not a period. Men suffer from mental health issues as well. But they are twice than likely won’t tell you about it because in today society. If you are a man you gotta be hard and tough like the gangster movies back in the olden days. But that isn’t the case, You don’t need to be tough. You are allowed to show emotion. We all have feelings and thoughts. You can’t just switch them off just because you are a bloke.

I made this for my friend Oli Regan. Go check his account 🙂  He started up #DontManUp in 2015! 

I wanted to write this post because in general, male mental health doesn’t get the awareness as it should have. Whether you are a man or a woman. We are all equal. Mental health can affect anyone with any circumstances. In today’s world it has changed a bit not as much as we wanted but it’s slowly changing, I asked my Nan what It was like as she looked after patients in the care industry who was only put in a care home by their relatives just because they was diagnosed with mental illnesses.

She thought it was ridiculous and adding to stigma and discrimination. You don’t put someone in a care home with a cold do you? So why would you put someone in a home with an Illness what isn’t your fault?

Another stereotype I found is, in the “ideal” family life. The woman looks after the children and the man goes to work and doesn’t show any feelings and just gets on with life without any problems.

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That doesn’t actually happen in life. Males have more pressure on them because they suppose to support and love the lady through every day life and moments whether it’s bad or good. 

Every human has feelings. You can’t switch them off. It’s okay to not be okay. We need to take the pressure of males and females. I am here today, I’m currently having a meh day with zero energy but my pledge for all my viewers and followers of this blog. I will fight for every single man and woman who has been discriminated and judged in their life because of mental health. 

If you are male and reading my post. It’s okay not to be okay and it’s okay to talk about how you are feeling and if you are showing any symptoms of any mental illness please go to a doctor and please open up about it. Don’t suffer in silence.  

Mental illness does happen in males. You will be surprised that it’s a common thing in our life. It doesn’t mean that you are a wuss, it means you are a warrior.

Everyone who’s battling a mental illness, man and woman are fighters and warriors, Just like if you are fighting a physical illness. You are fighting to survive and you are doing a great job. I know, I probably wont know you but I am proud of all of you for just breathing and being here.  

Small talk does save lives.

Love, Shannon x 

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