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What Do My Tattoos Mean?

I love tattoos. I have all my tattoos done at my amazing and highly recommended tattoo studio Underground. Very hygiene and I’m the part of the furniture now 😉 but let’s start this post, because I could talk about this forever!

Tattoos helped me. The tattoo pain took the pain what I was feeling off for a few days. I felt better when I was getting inked. Plus it’s true you gain so much confidence when you have tattoos. I love my tattoos! 

Jared Leto’s Joker on my skin and Jared Leto phone case

If you don’t know who joker is. He is a villain. But in all reality joker is like us sometimes. He is confused about his feelings for his co partner. Harley Quinn. I also have her tattooed by Joker but I will talk about her later in the post. I hate their abusive relationship though. I do not condone it either. But I love Joker on his own. He battles with the dark thoughts and only wants to make people smile and laugh. But he just gets back in the wrong crowd and went on a violent path.

Harley Quinn!

I must salute my tattoo artist as I was so picky with my Harley Quinn but he did this amazing job. I’m so happy about it! I love it. But let’s get on the meaning of this tattoo. As you know Harley Quinn is in love with joker and Joker pushes her away and gives her mixed signals. Harley just wants to be understood and loved. That what’s every girl wants in her life I think. That’s why I wanted her on my skin plus I wanted her to be with her on/off boyfriend. 

They are both together! 

My next tattoo is quite a big one on my shoulder. It represents my battle with mental health. The skull means the bad times and the dark thoughts while the butterfly means the good days. Random fact of the day: This tattoo got over 2000 likes on my instagram! I will include that picture on my post. My tattoo artist and studio are legends. This has to be my 2nd favourite tattoo as it means so much to me. 

Yes fun fact when I have tattoos I swell super bad! But this was amazing<3


This is the screenshot when My tattoo hit 2000 likes! 



My next 2 tattoos are my mandala cuff tattoo as It was covering up a tattoo I had when I was younger and I regretted that so much. I love this mandala tattoo. Now my wrists are inked now! But my advice. Think Before You Have It Inked on your body!

The other tattoo was my first ever big tattoo, It took 6 hours and you wouldn’t believe how much swelling there was! my arm just was like a balloon. But the meaning of that tattoo was that my mum loved roses and it was her favourite flower. But I wanted to add a twist so they wasn’t normal roses. I wanted them mixed coloured and it worked so well. I do have her name below it as well. It was a memorial piece as I know she will be with me all my life now. It kinda helped me with my feelings as well. 




As you can kinda tell. I swell like anything when I get tattooed but I knew the reason for that. I had a dodgy kidney. 

I had this done by another artist who has left my tattoo studio. I saw so many designs on this area tattoo. But yes it’s a underboob tattoo. I wanted to gain confidence as well, I never had any confidence at the time but I can say I’ve grown a little it of confidence. It didn’t hurt that much either. It was only cat scratches. Yes, I’m not the thinnest girl ever but you can have any tattoo at any size. 

As you can see I was so swollen and the swelling took ages to go down!

But yes, I am planning for more tattoos in my life time. But I am saving up so I can have a day sitting! 

My little collection! I’m missing my skull and butterfly.

My top tips. 

  • Eat and drink before you go for a tattoo. 
  • Don’t drink alcohol before you have a tattoo. 
  • Don’t wear tight fitted clothes by the place you’re having tattooed. It doesn’t work and it hurts. 

My Tattoo Studio Details. 

My Tattoo Artist is called- Lukasz Michalski 

Underground’s website-

Underground’s facebook page



Shannon x

2 thoughts on “What Do My Tattoos Mean?

  1. Very cool! I have 3 tattoos and my fave is a huge phoenix on my left ribcage. I’m planning to get a Celtic oak tree design done to start off the new year with something therapeutic.


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