Reasons Why I Want To Go To Budapest!

I’ll be honest with you right now, this goal and blog is keeping me going. When I have my dark intrusive thoughts, I think of one day that I will go travelling with the person I love and we will create some beautiful memories and go on some adventures. With my Disney throw as I am still the little girl who loves Disney. Because I am still the girl who loves adventures. Right now I might be ill but I’m hoping in my future when I’ve stabilised my mental health, I could go back to adventures and travelling. Just being able to have freedom in a different country. 

One of the places I would like to visit in my lifetime is Budapest, I think the city is so beautiful and the culture is just amazing. I’d love to just look at the beautiful views and take in the memories I could make if I ever go there.

Disclaimer- The images I used will be linked on the picture. So please click on the pictures so you will know where the images are from. 

Let’s all admire George Ezra voice. 

So what are the reasons why I want to go to Budapest so badly?! 

I would love to stay at a hotel like the grand Budapest hotel. I loved that movie back in 2014. Classic movie. I know, the hotel what was in the movie doesn’t actually exist. But I have seen some hotels what were like that.

Only time I listened in my RST lesson was about in synagogues in Europe and the world, the largest synagogue in Europe what represents the Jewish quarter. Is called Dohany Street Synagogue.  It seats at least 3000 people. It looks so beautiful. 


 I would love to go to Margaret Island, I would love to spend a couple of hours take photographs of the beautiful views. The views are so beautiful. I would consider this to be one of the views, I would find it relaxing and therapeutic.


Another reason I would love to go to Budapest is that it would be quite affordable to just buy a plane ticket. I kinda checked and my phone nearly brought one. I know when travelling you will have to save up loads. But I feel Budapest would be a less stressful to plan and go sight seeing. 


This must be everyone reason but I just in general need a holiday and this would be the perfect place, after this year I would to just go on holiday and forget everything for a week.

 Food. I’m not gonna even lie. I can’t wait to look at their food. I’m a foodie so what. I would love to try Hungarian food so much! I would love to experience the culture as well. I would love to learn some new cooking skills so I can remember when I go back home.


I would love to just appreciate Budapest. 

I have so many reasons but I will be here all day. One day I will hopefully get to go on this dream holiday with some body close. 

Where would you love to go on a dream holiday? 


Shannon x 

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