My Drugstore Highlighter Collection!

I love drug store products. Some are amazing for their price. Some are naff. Everyone knows I’m brutally honest with my views and that was blogging is 100% about. My motto is honestly is the best policy. Thanks to my best friend, I have been starting a highlighter collection and in today drug store world now they are coming out with amazing products with a low-price tag and that is amazing for us and your bank balances! I will post about my high-end highlighters when I have the decent amount to show as I rarely buy any high-end highlighters! I do sometimes love a glowly look and you can pull that off with drug store products!

Plus, I have a thing for not ruining packaging and the detail of the highlighter, so I carefully use it, that why some don’t look barely touched. That’s just like any make up addict. I love detail and packaging!

I’ve taken the photos off my iphone 8 plus.

So, let’s get started.

I heart make up!


  1. Unicorn’s heart. – Rainbow Highlighter made by “Unicorns”

I love this highlighter, it’s so girly but subtle and if you are a fan of unicorns. This one is the best. The price tag is ideal as well for £4.99. For beginners it’s epic. This was the first highlighter I brought from I heart make up. Ideally if you like an glowly look then this highlighter would be ideal for you. At first, I didn’t like it as it felt quite chalky and my skin doesn’t take well to chalky things, but I am loving this and it’s amazing on my skin! It gives me an awesome glow. Sometimes I’m looking like tin man but an awesome tin man.

2.Mermaid’s Heart Highlighter

This is another one I like but I’ll be brutally honest, I only brought it as I wanted to finish my collection off. These aren’t normally my colours because I have pale ass skin and if I use dark highlighters, they tend to look like I have a bruise on my face even if I blended it so good.  But I would totally recommend this for the inner corner of the eye or on the eye lids. Only thing I got confused about is that the price is £5.00. Then the unicorn highlighter is only £4.99. But hey this highlighter is good for eyes!! The colours range from a green to a purple which is cute if you are doing a mermaid inspired eye look!

3- Dragon’s Heart Highlighter

This is a last part of the collection what I wanted, the dragon’s heart highlighter. Purposely I only brought it because I didn’t want to leave this out my collection out. I will be perfectly honest I wouldn’t have brought this because 2 of the colours are a red and an pinky tone but the 3 other shades look beautiful. Beautiful gold tones. I do want to try the red as highlight when I’m feeling daring enough with a red eye look!

4-  Goddess of love highlighter

This is my first ever highlighter I brought, when I first started buying and using make up. It cost me £4.99 which Is quite cheap for a highlighter. I love baked highlighters as well. I love the texture of it being baked. This must be my favourite highlighter as well. As it makes my skin glow just as much as a high end one does! Plus, it suits pale skin types as well, which is a bonus. As if anyone is in the pale girl club it’s so hard to choose a decent glow which will suit your skin tone and this highlighter ticks all the boxes!




Solstice Palette

This palette did cost me £10.00 but It’s my holy grail palette now. I hate cream highlighters but there is one in the palette and I tend to use it before putting my foundation over it, so it’s gives me a dewy look which if you like that sort of thing, it’s brilliant. I’ve watched so many youtube videos before buying this palette as I didn’t want to waste my money on something what was crap. Trust me you will love this palette. It’s ideal for any skin tone as well so you don’t waste your money.



Prism Highlighter in the shade solar flare

This is a new collection MUA brought out to shops which is a blessing but also a curse to our bank accounts. I brought the highlighter from Superdrug for £4.00 but it’s on offer for £3.00 now. I need to say. If you use the first layer off, the glow is meh let’s just say and I would think twice to buying it it! It’s not my favourite highlighter but it is a decent one for a subtle glow if you are doing a natural look. But if you want a intense glowing look this highlighter isn’t for you. I’m not hating on MUA the brand, but I just don’t like it in general.

Undress your skin pink shimmer highlighter

This was the second highlighter I added to my collection, at first I didn’t like it but it got better once I escaped the first layer off with my fan brush and the glow was so intense I loved it. I think I paid £3.00 for it at Superdrug. If you are a beginner to make up and would like to add something to your collection, I’d go for it! As I love this highlighter!

Shimmer Highlight Powder Pearlescent Sheen

I’m proper buzzing to write about this, I got to say this is like a dupe of mac of their skin frost shade called soft frost. In mac I paid £24.50 for one. Pricey I know but I wanted to test it out to see if the one I brought from mua would be classed as a dupe and I got to say it does work as a dupe and it’s cheaper. The price of the mua is £3.00 so you will be saving a grand total of £21.50 which you can buy more highlighters instead of just one! I bloody love bargains!

Shimmer Highlight Powder Peach Diamond

I do like this highlight but it’s not the best, the formula seems far too patchy for me but it’s a hit or miss. I felt like it was so cakey when I applied it to my cheekbones and cupid bow, I rarely reach for it. I would love to say its amazing for the price but in all fairness. I can’t stand it. I’m not hating on MUA at all as I love their brand just some of their highlighters aren’t my favourite.

26803902_458460531222811_2087027434_n (1)

Primark beauty-


Bronze Palette

I have to say, I am loving this palette. I don’t like the packaging as it’s card board but it’s my personal preference, I want to use this more in the summer. Four pounds for a palette is a bargain in my eyes. The pigmentation is amazing as well. I need to admit, I don’t use this as much as I want to as I currently having a battle with my energy levels and doing my makeup. But when I’ve sorted my medication I’d love to experiment with more of these shades together!


Make Up Revolution

Liquid Highlights-

Starlight & Unicorn Elixir

I can’t say what they are like on the skin, as I haven’t used them yet as my spots on my face are playing hard to get and I don’t want to annoy them even more. I will do a review on them both once my face is clear. The unicorn elixir liquid highlight was given to me by my best friend. The starlight I brought as I wanted to try a liquid highlighter. I wanted to add it with my foundation once my skin Is clear again. I tried the swatches and I wasn’t impressed they just felt oily but I will try them on my skin and will review them! They are £6 each.


Vivid Baked Highlighters- 

Golden Lights & Rose Gold Lights

These highlighters are amazing!! Golden lights is my favourite highlight ever! I got it for my Christmas present from my cousin. It isn’t patchy or doesn’t feel cakey on the skin! The rose gold highlighter is amazing but it’s far too pink and it looks like a bruise on my skin when I use it. They are £3 each. Which is amazing for a friendly budget and it won’t break your bank balance! 

Strobe Highlighter– Flash

I got given this product from my best friend, she told me it was patchy and it wasn’t the best for her. I tried it. I 100% agree with her as it was so patchy to apply to your skin but I will give it another go. I think the price was £3.00 in superdrug. 

Soph x Palette

This palette is my favourite by all means! I love soph does nails! When you use a damp brush the colour is so intense and so pigmented but when you use it dry it just gives a subtle look and a shimmer. I love the price. The best highlighter I’ve ever used! Best money I’ve ever spent. I really hope she makes another highlighter palette! 

Highlighting Powder Palette

I brought this palette when in superdrug it was on star buys! It was £5.00 but the original price is £8.00. I recommend this palette so much. It’s not cakey and you can use some of these highlighters for the brow bone. I need to admit the middle shade the peachy one isn’t that pigmented enough but the rest are pretty damn good!


I will be doing a post about my high end highlighters and other parts of my make up collection. I hope you love this post! 

Love Shannon x 

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