Brand- Make Up Revolution 

I’m loving the storage box as well. Even if I haven’t got anywhere to put it as my room is a mess. it’s ideal to store them in and it’s very classy!

Hello my beautiful angels! 

Today I have something so good to show you! This vault before it was on sale it was £50 but it’s currently on sale on Tam beauty for £25. Bargain if you ask me. If anyone knows me I love bargains and I want all my viewers to be saving money! I’ll be honest I do love them all some aren’t really me but just that’s my preference. All beauty & lifestyle bloggers have different views about products. 


Just a disclaimer. I am not shaming any other brand. I love make up and I don’t see the point in drama. I love positive vibes. 

So what do you get in the vault? 


In the top draw you get 5 matte colours and the lip liners in the shades and I’m going to be honest with you. I was only buying these for the matte shades. The matte shades are called:

  1. Echelon is a pink based nude. I’m not really loving nude colours as I have pale skin and I just wouldn’t wear them as I like bright colours but I need to admit this has to be my favourite shade ever. Plus more information the shade echelon has won an beauty award in 2017. It feels great on the lips, I hate some of the liquid lipsticks and the feel on the lips but this one feels amazing. Plus for the price you are having a bargain as the kit if you brought separate it would of cost you £6.00. 


2. Grandee is a bright pink. I have to say this colour has to be the brightest out the matte lip kits you get in the vault. If you like bright mattes, then this colour is for you. I’d totally recommend this as it’s quite cheap comparing to other lip kits like Kylie Jenner for example. At least you don’t have to pay customs for this product! 


3. Noble is a brown nude. I need to admit. I am loving this shade and it’s ideal for any skin tone. You can use this if you are pulling a natural look or a simple but easy eye look. It feels smooth on my lips and it’s easy to take off as well so it isn’t a game and a half to take off your lips. One thing I hate about some liquid lipsticks is that it stains the lips and makes my lips sore as anything. But this lipstick is ideal and for £6.00 you can’t moan about it. 


4. Duchess is a mix of red and orange muted. It’s ideal if you are doing a Christmas look and if you just want to feel sassy and festive. This has to be my favourite shade because I love the colour red and I just this is a epic shade. It dries really well if i’m honest so you don’t need to worry if you are eating or drinking. It does last a long time as well. 


5. Highness is the last shade of the mattes and it’s the darker version of noble but it is more brown but it’s classed as a nude. I do like it but it’s not my favourite one of the vault. 


I’ve calculated the lip shades of the vault and if brought separate you would be paying £60. If you buy it in the say you would be saving £35.00. Which is pretty awesome. But if you buy it at retail price you will be saving £10.00. If anyone loves saving more like myself then you will be saving lots with this for ten shades is epic! 

The bottom of the vault you get 2 lip glosses and 3 metallics. I do love metallic lipsticks! But I hate the feel of lip glosses but I gave it my best shot! 


Lip glosses- 

  1.  Honour is a brownish nude shade. For a lip gloss, it’s not too bad. I do love it. It doesn’t stick to my lips. This shade is wearable and very pigmented for a lip gloss. It retails at six pound. I am loving this colour as well. I have to say I will be using this colour in the summer.


2. This is the last gloss of the vault and I have to say I don’t like it. It’s far too sticky for my lips and the colour just looks like my natural lip colour. The liner I don’t like as the colour is far too darker than the gloss so you would be able to see if I did line my lips. It could just be a bad batch but It’s not my favourite but I will it again as I do not give up on some products and I do love make up revolution. 


Metallic Lip Kits- 

  1. Regent has to be my favourite metallic shade ever! It’s an lovely red and it’s super pigmented so you do get your money’s worth out of this lip kit. I love the feel it has on my lips and it doesn’t stain that much either. You could use this on a festive look or a going out look. I think I will be wearing this shade quite a lot. 


2. Empress is a peachy nude tone. It has gold reflect so if you do go in the light you will see the gold reflecting on your lips. I do love this colour and I rarely never go to this colour but this has to be used when doing a glowly look! I am loving the gold tone as well. It looks like you’ve spent so much but in general it is £6.00.


3. In waiting has to be the most natural metallic in the vault. It’s a pretty pink toned. I do love this if I ever do a natural look. I will have to use this colour as it’s so natural and it doesn’t look over the top and I agree with many people this shade has to be my 2nd favourite of the metallic lip sticks.

If you are considering of buying this. Defiantly do it as it’s a great bargain and you would have 10 lipsticks! Overall, I am glad I brought this vault as I wanted to try these colours and I’m glad I did. I have to admit, I wasn’t a fan of the gloss but in all honestly it’s not the brand fault it’s my personal preference. 

I will be reviewing more lipsticks in the future so please do tell me what brands you’d like me to include! 


Love Shannon x 

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  1. That ‘Regent’ colour looks absolutely beautiful! I considered getting this but I didn’t think I’d get much wear out of many of the shades so I’m just going to try a few individually I think! Definitely will be getting ‘regent’ ready for festive looks next year and ‘Echelon’ looks good too! I watch ‘sophdoesnails’ on Youtube, she did a review on this and I’m sure she loves that shade, she’s the same skin tone as me so I’ll be investing in that one too!

    Jess xx


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