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Don’t Judge Us. We Are Still The Same People.

Have you ever walked into a shop and saw somebody who is constantly staring at you without saying anything to you? Have you ever ordered food from a restaurant and someone who you are with complains at you for ordering the same thing again? Have you ever been to an event and feel like the whole room has their eyes on you while you are talking to someone about something? Have you ever worn an outfit, and someone says what the heck is that? 

Have you ever felt like you were being judged for no reason at all when you haven’t done a thing wrong? Have you ever felt that one day is so important to the whole world even though “Blue Monday” happens to someone every single day in their lives? 

We still breathe the same way as everyone does. we eat the same stuff as everyone else does. We are still a human. So why are we being treated like someone who isn’t allowed rights and allowed to decide what they want in their life. 

We still have emotions. We still laugh. We still cry. We still get angry. We still smile.

So, why do you treat us like badly and judge us? Why the heck do you label us as the “Nut Jobs or Psychos?” We haven’t done a thing wrong in our life. We are ill, and we are trying to get help for our illnesses. Just like if we would have had a physical illness, we would be seeking treatment, and no one would bat an eyelid. But if it’s a mental illness, people lose their shit over the word “mental” let alone illness. Which I think is a disgrace in 2018. 

It even happens in places where you would expect they would have some compassion, if you are going through any illness whether it’s physical or physiological. Take an A&E for an example. I got laughed at by one of the triage nurses because I said, “I felt suicidal”. I even heard with my own ears that lady said to another nurse why is she here she isn’t a risk. ISN’T A RISK? Seriously? She was going to send me on my way and told me to go to the doctors one Monday morning. Luckily another triage nurse who was amazing and listened to me pour my heart out and helped me get treatment.

Therefore, I started this blog as I wanted this stigma what is attached to a mental illness to be gone and I wanted to help people who are suffering like myself. As I know what it personally feels like to be judged just because I’m ill. But please, I’m still the same Shannon who sings in the shower and loves taking selfies also who loves make up and listening to Mist and Arctic Monkeys.


As the old saying says, if you haven’t got anything nice to say. Please don’t say anything at all. As words do hurt people and because one day, you will be judged, and you won’t like that.

We are still the same person. Me and You. Even if I have an illness and you don’t.

Be kinds to others as you have no idea what they are going through in their lives.


Shannon x


One thought on “Don’t Judge Us. We Are Still The Same People.

  1. I was having this discussion with my hubby in mother care at the weekend. They have a soft play. I shouted to my daughter as she was getting frustrated as they do, trying to get down the stairs past a little boy. I said wait sweetheart incase you knock him over. She’s two herself. This women, not his mother. Would not stop starring at me. Every convo I was having with my hubby, she was looking at us listening. It makes me feel paranoid. To the point I asked if she wanted something.. She rolled her eyes and turned round. I hate ppl that judge and some parents are the worst. Always the pressure to be the perfect parent of the year x #Mblogshares thank you for sharing. 💚


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