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My Mental Health Story Part 2!


So you are all like my 2nd family and you’ve seen my lowest point on my blog now it’s time to see my highest points. The original my mental health story is here which involves trigger warnings: My Mental Health Story. 2017 was a weird year.  Let’s call it that to be polite. My dad got seriously ill. My mental health relapsed again. I lost people who I thought was going to be in my life forever. But I also made this blog and got some achievements. Plus made a friendship. 

For those who are thinking why is she so open about her mental health journey?

I want to spread awareness. I want to show how my journey is going. I also want to keep it as a memory diary so when my mental health has improved, and I can complete daily tasks like I use too without difficulty. I can look back and say yes, I did it and I can still do it.

But what did I gain in 2017?

I made a friend and she now has become my bestie. She’s brought back my love for makeup. Even though my skills will never be that good as hers is. I love her! Right now, I’ve not been the best friend as my social skills are like a roller coaster, but I promise I’ll get there. I want her to be my friend until the day I die.

My mental health is stable. It hasn’t Improved but it hasn’t deteriorated aggressively. I’m still waiting for an appointment from my hospital and hopefully they will change my tablets as I don’t think they are agreeing with me!

I will be asking to try CBT again. As right now, I want to try it again and see if it will work for me as the time I tried before it failed badly.

In 2017, I created this blog. I thought one night when my insomnia crept in and kept me up till 6am. I should help other people with these cruel illnesses. I wanted to spread awareness and educate people. Get rid of the stigma what is attached to the taboo subject.

Also in the end of 2017, I became one of the Time To Change champions and A fandabby hero and a mind campaigner.  I’ve met some amazing and beautiful people who blog as well. I’ve made some friends with other mental health and lifestyle bloggers. I’ve had so much support when I posted my first mental health post. 

Plus, I’ve gained so much self confidence since having this blog. I finally love myself and I’m comfortable being me. 


My blog won some awards. The day I got speechless and I never get speechless. Bare In mind, my secondary teacher told me, I wouldn’t get anywhere in life and no one would listen to me. I wish, she could see this right now.



Liebster Award!

The Mystery Blogger Award

In the summer time of 2018. I will be hopefully sorting out events for Mind & Time To Change plus other charities what raise money for mental health.

I also want to go into local hospitals, schools and libraries to share awareness and spread that it’s okay not to be okay.

I have hope for 2018. I want to start my YouTube channel once I get myself a camera. I’m thinking positive. If I’m helping other people. It’s helping me as well. I see this as working together as a team. I won’t give up on anyone. I get so emotional, when someone comes up to me and says thank you for speaking out.

You can do this.

I believe in you.

Love, Shannon x

7 thoughts on “My Mental Health Story Part 2!

  1. Some really fab things going on with what you’re doing and very positive ambitions for 2018 – Anything you do to share your story can reach others, help lift a little stigma and let others know they’re not alone (and that you’re not alone either). Love it – Yes, YOU CAN DO IT! 🙂
    Caz x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations! Sounds like you’re overcoming a lot of challenges and pushing through. Keep sharing, I believe in you too!


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