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The 3 M’s in my life..

You must be thinking? The title. What’s it about.  Well. 

I have three M’s in my life. 

Mental Health & Make Up and Memes. 

When I first had my battle with my mental health. My interests just went. I loved cars and shopping back in the day. I still like cars but it’s not my favourite topic plus I can’t drive yet as my tablets I’m taking makes me drowsy and it would be dangerous to drive while drowsy.  I used to be a tom boy so much! I hated to wear makeup when I was 8-14. 

But when I reached the age of 17-18, I started watching beauty gurus on YouTube and started to slowly enjoy wearing makeup now I swear it’s an addiction, but it keeps me happy looking at my collection when I’m having a low day, so I suppose it’s alright.

Right now, I’m not going to say make up is curing my illnesses because it’s not and that would be lying, and I like to be honest on my blog as I don’t see the point of lying. But when I’m having a low day and have no energy at all. I tend to watch make up videos and they kind of cheered me up and I feel better.

When it comes to buying makeup. Well, I’m terrible at saving money and the shops I swear just love to put sales on when I do go out. Plus, my best friend is a bad influence as her collection is insane. She loves the weird ass lipstick colours and she’s getting me hooked on blue lipsticks. Like seriously me? Shannon Diana loving blue lipsticks. Weird man but I’m so glad to share a hobby with someone and not get judged for having 51+ palettes.

Everyone loves a make up delivery day!

Memes. I bloody love memes. I must have 1000 memes saved on my iPhone. I swear. The best memes are makeup memes. But I do like memes in general. They cheer me up, plus when my best friend tags me in memes it’s kind of special that she thinks of me and it gives me a laugh when I need it.


Mental Health is what created me and what gave me confidence to speak out I think. Everyone has a story I think. Yeah, I’ve been through some shit times and I’ve been through some good times. The highs and lows have been worth it because I am helping other people with my experience with mental health and the services even if they weren’t the best.

But if my blog helps one person to speak out about their mental health or even gets checked out in case they are experiencing the symptoms of any mental illness. I will be proud. As no one should be alone in their hour of need.

This blog is keeping me strong right now. It’s making me realise that I am good enough to be a blogger and I am good enough and I don’t need to change for no one. Which right now I am loving now because I’ve never had this much confidence in my life.

What are your hobbies? Please share as I would love to find out!

Love, Shannon x

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