Just An average Aldridge Girl With A Promise!

I live in a little village called Aldridge, I live with my gran and my big brother. My dad lives in Pheasey. I had a fun-loving childhood. My life was perfect until my mum passed away when I was little. She was ill and right now, I am glad she’s out of pain, but I do miss her terrible. I do hope one day I make her proud. I do wish, I could just phone her up and have a chat about boys, but I know that won’t happen. I have my weekly rants with my Nan. Even though, she doesn’t like the men I pick. I guess that’s her job though and I guess I do love when she gives me advice.

My mum was such a beautiful lady!

I like rap music and arctic monkeys and I love dominos cookies so much. 

Shout out to my Nan. She’s looked after me and my big brother since our mum passed away. We weren’t the best-behaved kids. Let’s be honest but were good and had respect for anyone. She truly is the best Nan ever. Even though me and her have disagreements, I would never replace her.

I love this picture of me! 

My dad is a legend. I know me and him don’t talk 24/7 but he knows I love him! He used to take me and my brother on walks every Sunday before we went to our Nan and Grandad house. In 2017, I thought I lost him. He had a heart attack and my world kind of collapsed again. He is currently waiting for surgery to fix his heart. I just can’t wait to get back my active dad back who always went on walks and would walk us miles!

Me and my old man. 

Strangely enough I enjoyed the walks.

My brother what can I say about him. Well this is cringe worthy and he will never let me forget this when he sees this but he’s one of my role models, I would love to be like him. He goes through some bad times and he never gets down he just carries on and I think that is so strong and I would love to be like that one day. He Is quite funny as well. I’m glad that we are talking again!

Me and my brother!!

My other Nan and Grandad well they are ace! Nan with her banging roast dinners, I love them so much. My grandad with his funny stories and always making me smile. Plus, I was the first ever granddaughter!

I love my grandad. I taught him snapchat filters!!

My best friend. You’ve seen her face on my posts all the time! But she lets me be me, she lets me cry when I’m down. She started my makeup addiction again. Thanks Hayley! She lets me talk about boys with her and has been helping me with my anxiety with going out to places and leaving when it’s been too much. She understands my bad and good days. I feel so proud to call her my best friend she is so wonderful and beautiful.

If you haven’t guessed.. We love snap chat filters!

Aldridge is my hometown. I am glad to call Aldridge my home town. It was quiet when I was growing up. My Nan used to always take me down to the high street in my pushchair and get her shopping. I think it’s wonderful how many people who don’t even know me are supporting me. I can’t say a bad thing about Aldridge because all the people are so supportive.

I took my best friend on a trek when I was feeling better! I love this bridge. 

My promise to Aldridge is that. I will try help everyone I can. I will listen, and I will help. I know I’m not a miracle worker, but I want to help as many people as I can and give back the help I had. I’m still on my journey but I still can lend a hand or listen.

I want to help people who are currently going through a bad time. As I know when you are in your darkest thoughts, it’s like you are living a nightmare and you just want to quit. I want to help educate mental health in schools, libraries and hospitals. I want to spread awareness and spread that it’s okay not to be okay and it’s okay to talk.

You are not on alone. You might feel like you are, but you aren’t you are special, and you are worth it.

Aldridge will always be in my heart even if I move away when I’m older.

Love, Shannon x

If you would like to contact me for PR or any collaborations or any advice please follow my social media accounts or email me. 

Instagram- @Shannondianaxx  

Twitter- @SDianaax 


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