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Stigma what really it should mean!

This is what STIGMA should mean: 

   S- Speaking About How They Are Feeling?

   T- Thinking About What Is Happening To Them?

    I- Researching More About The Illness Or The Situation That They Are Going Through!

     G- Getting Them Help For The Illness Or The Situation That They Are Going Through!

        M- Making Positive and Supportive Attitudes Towards Them! 

             A- Awareness! Spreading Awareness!

This is what it actually means sadly and it effects everyone:

Stigma- “A mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person” – Oxford dictionaries! 

Stigma of any circumstances should be gone. As everyone is born to be equal. Male or Female. Whether you are rich or poor. Whether you are fighting mental illness or not. You’re still a human and you still breathe the same way as we all do.

We aren’t that different me and you. 

I’ve just got a different name, I’m a woman and I am fighting an illness. I still breathe the same and my heart still beats the same way as everyone’s heart does. Just because I have depression and anxiety it doesn’t mean that I’m less than a person. I just need help with my emotions and thoughts. I might look like I’m fine and I don’t have no problems but you don’t know what’s going on inside my head at night and when I’m alone and when I’m sometimes with people.

Stigma doesn’t just discriminate someone. Stigma destroys someone confidence and will think that they are alone and fighting. Which isn’t true.  

Stigma kills friendships and family. Of course, you wouldn’t want to be by someone who has been slating you behind your back in the corner shop. Of course, you wouldn’t. In today’s world, that’s what people face. 

Stigma kills as people who are suffering feel under pressure not to say how they feel and how to just act like everything is fine. But in the long run it’s a bloody nightmare and they just want someone to say, “Are you okay?”.

In recovery of any illness. You just want your friends and family to be there to support you all the way through the illness and not give up but if you don’t have trust for them as they been saying harsh things behind your back. It’s not right and you will feel like you are battling alone which will cause more isolation. 

Stigma does a lot of things to us and we could stop stigma from getting out of hand and spread awareness of any illness without the added stigma and being discriminated because you are labelled for being too “tearful or angry”. Yes, everyone deserves an opinion. But you need to think imagine if you were going through something awful and someone just was walking past staring and calling you an “Nut Job”.  Words hurt and can cause more damage. 

If you think it’s cruel to be kind. Please just forget about that. It won’t fix any illness. It does fix some things, but it doesn’t fix an illness or an issue that someone is going through. 

Please don’t treat someone who’s battling an illness like that they are a piece of glass as that’s a form of stigma. Treat them normally. Buy them a cuppa. Have a natter. Even eat a piece of cake as conversations are important so is mental and physical health.

Please spread awareness and make sure we are cutting down the stigma for everyone who’s battling anything hard in life. 


Love, Shannon x 

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