Twenty things I’ve learnt since being 20!

It’s scary to think I’m 21 this year as I still call myself 18 when people ask for my age when they want me to sign up to broadband services in town nowadays. 

Fun fact- My dad use to call me boo when I was a baby as I looked like the little girl out of monster inc! 

1) Always pee after sex. Trust me, just do it ladies.

2) Don’t chase after people who play with your emotions and don’t give them 5000 chances.

3) It’s okay if you don’t feel happy all the time. It’s okay not to be okay. It’s okay to ask for help.

4) Always mix your cocktail properly before drinking it. Trust me, never drink a weak cocktail. It will ruin your night.

5) Make sure you are doing something that you are passionate about. If you hate something don’t do it as it will be boring eventually. Go for your dream. You can achieve it.

6) Eat that chocolate. Wear what you want to wear. You are bloody beautiful. Fuck what people think about you.

7) Tell your loved ones. How much you love them. Just do it. I’m always going to be my dad’s little girl even though I’m 20! 

8) Left over pizza for breakfast is amazing. With mayonnaise and BBQ sauce!

9) Don’t go into lush if you have a hangover my damn, that perfume smell was far too much but I love lush.

10) Re watch Gavin & Stacey all the time when you need a cry. Oh, what’s occurring.

11) Make sure doctors or anyone listen to you and don’t even leave if they try push you away. You know your mind and body.

12) It’s alright to go to your corner shop in your pjs or onesie. I’m not getting glam if I just want to buy a loaf of bread.

13) Always make sure you have a spare pair of black knickers for your mother nature, so you don’t lose your favourite pair. 

14) Always carry your headphones with you always, as it’s damn awkward on your own on a bus without no one. 

15) Say no when you need too. You don’t owe anyone anything. It’s okay to say no if you don’t feel comfortable in the situation. 

16) Don’t try make effort with people who don’t even deserve your effort. Trust me. 

17) Don’t run after a bloke who treated you like a princess and gives you compliments then starts deleting you off snapchat 24/7. He’s trying to play your mind girl. It was fun at the beginning, but I’ve got older and now I realised I am worth more than his 3am booty calls! Bye Felicia! 

18) You can fight the bad days. You can see the good days. You are strong as anything. No one can break you. 

19) Don’t go on a night out with your big brother. He gets far too protective over me, but I do love him! He does make me laugh even though he winds me up 24/7 and tells me to get changed when I wear dresses! 

20) To be kind to yourself. Don’t punish yourself if something turned out to be awful it wasn’t your fault. Love yourself and believe in yourself.  


Love, Shannon x 

2 thoughts on “Twenty things I’ve learnt since being 20!

  1. I can relate to many of the facts you 20,18,17,16,15 are just examples. well said and definitely something to live by. I think all of this is part of the learning process in life


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