My Brother!

1994 was a busy time for my mum and dad. 

They had a new baby, that was my brother. 

Then 4 years later, Mum found out she was pregnant! 

Everyone thought my mum was having another boy as in our whole family there was only boys no girls. 

Then my Mum gave birth to me! Everyone was so happy. Especially as I was the first granddaughter.

Me with Roger aka Andy! Pulling silly faces since 90s. 

When I was a toddler I couldn’t pronounce my brother name at all. I called him Roger .Even though his name was Andy. 

My brother was my first best friend. Even though he tried to trade me for Pokémon cards to his friends when we were kids. Yes, I still remember that Andy. 

Rocking the colour pink I can say! 

He is going to remind me of this nonstop. I am not going to hear the end of this post as well. Yes, over the couple of years we haven’t have the best brother/sister relationship ever. But that was due to circumstances I won’t mention. We’ve had our rowing matches. Our arguments.

He’s been a pain sometimes. He annoys me sometimes waking me up when he’s singing. Waiting for the bathroom as he takes ages. Taking the food, I’ve been day dreaming about out of the fridge and eating it. 

Acting like my dad when I come out my room with a dress on.  Telling me to cover up. When I’m fully dressed. When I got given a lad number in front of him. His face was priceless, I should of taken a picture. 

But also, he has been my support. When our mum passed away, I didn’t know where to go and what would happen. We were both quiet but we knew we had each other if we needed to talk. 

We was cute kids. I gotta admit. 

He does make things better. I am proud to call him my role model and my brother. He’s the best brother ever. I’m slowly teaching him about mental health. 

I’d love to be like him. Something bad happens and he doesn’t let it get to him and he’s strong. Even though he won’t watch game of thrones. He’s awesome. Even though he hates Jon Snow. He’s my role model. 

Even though you annoy me sometimes, and you act like dad sometimes, I’m glad you are my brother and I am glad you are my role model.

Love, Shannon x 

Andy, I love you. 

One thought on “My Brother!

  1. I used to live in Jessie Road and would often see your brother at the bus stop waiting for the bus to school. I always thought he was a quiet, but probably very nice, lad. It’s good to find out I was right and that he obviously cares very much about his sister. Family is important, especially when we need someone to turn to.


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