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Let’s talk about some boys and their mind games!

So it’s valentines day tomorrow. I wanted to do this post as it’s okay to be single! Plus, I wanted to be brutally honest about fuckboys and lads who play games with your emotions! 

I am a mental health blogger but I also like to write about lifestyle and relationships. Plus, I was a teenager once and I do know about these things. 

Not all men are horrible or nasty. Plus, some girls are the same. I’m not slating anyone but it’s just a simple fact. If you just want to be laid. Just say. Don’t drag their feelings down just for your needs. You just got to kiss a few frogs to get your prince. That’s what my Nan always says when I tell her my lad drama! I’m not labelling any one! I’ve just had a shitty past. But I just really wanted to do this post as I’ve dealt with a few in my past experiences and would hate anyone suffering from any mental illness to deal with anyone who will hurt you and mess with your head as it’s not right.

Fuckboys are the kind of boys every girl has encountered at least once in her life and if you haven’t you are lucky as anything.

I tend to attract all the fuck boys and the mind games. I have no idea why but I just want a cute relationship now… ✌🏻

If my dad ever met those lads who played me. I hope he’d give them a lecture on how to treat a girl right. Just to be polite.

What happened to the days where 100% effort from both parties and no playing games?

Pretending to be a model since 90s! 

Calling you cute names and all sorts to sweeten you up. I’m a fool and believed it sadly. A man I’ve dealt with in my past, he went about going on asking if I wanted him as my boyfriend. Just to get into my knickers. Then the next day he was saying his ex-girlfriend wanted him back. He never got a chance because I knew what he was playing at. Sad really that someone must do that just to get laid. He’s now on my blocked list! Bye Felica😘😉

My favourite Gif. 


The one who only messages you at 3am every morning just to fill his “needs” let’s just call it that. Don’t do it girls. If you do. Be safe. Use protection because you don’t want a child with someone who can’t respect you or their self! Plus STIs. You don’t want one of those.

Take for example.

“Shan you up”

“Where you at Shan”

“You need to come over to mine Shan”

I do not need to do anything pal. I am just going to watch game of thrones and dream about Jon Snow! Cheers ❤️

My reply now! 

When they don’t take no for an answer. This what grinds my gears so much lately. No is no. You’re allowed to say no. It’s okay to say no. Don’t ever feel pressured to meet someone. Because I felt pressured to meeting someone and it’s the worst mistake of my life. I’ve wasted a lot of my time on someone who doesn’t even care a damn he only cares about his little tool. Oh, the irony on the little bit.

“You look so perfect.. But I don’t want to commit”

Dick Pics and snaps and when they expect you to send inappropriate pictures. What happened to a nice letter and flowers? A nice phone call even? A nice selfie. No one wants to see your genitals. It doesn’t do anything to anyone trust me. It just makes the thing awkward. I’ve never fallen in love with a dick pic. I’ve cringed at it and pretended to the lad it was so amazing. Let alone it made me puke in my mouth 500 times. Do not be forced into sending an inappropriate picture. Feel comfortable with the person if you want to do that sort of stuff but please don’t just flash your bits at any random person. A picture can travel miles.

Accurate gif of me when I get involved with someone who plays mind games. 

They like to break your confidence up. Trust me if you don’t want to do what they want. They start being petty. They start calling you foul names. They start verbally abusing you till the moment you have no confidence and you jump like a lap dog.

Back at it again with that pose! 

Mind games. Where do I even start? Oh, I do like you, but I don’t want a girlfriend yet. But you see them on Facebook moaning they are lonely? Saying they miss your “cute face” but they can’t do anything until like 3am to message you about it? Yeah erm.. Move along pal.

Kinda use to it which is quite sad. 


Some ways, we love them. Even if you’ve only met them a couple of times. No, really. We do. Why else would we answer their texts or snaps if we didn’t enjoy it at least a little bit? If it gives you the buzz sometimes that he’s texting at 3am because he says “he wants you.”

Trust me, he’s probably texting all his contacts on his phone to see if someone will meet him at 3am so he gets laid.

3am messages.. 


Currently, it’s like playing Russian roulette with your feelings and emotions. Because one day you will find the perfect man or woman. That’s why now I have trust issues and I like to detach myself from situations as I have a fear I will get hurt. But I know it’s bad but sometimes I play their game. It’s bad but it helps me overcome my emotions when they drop me to the floor just because I wouldn’t drop everything and be at their rooms at 3am. I’m not the perfect angel but I do deserve respect. Everyone deserves respect.

It’s sad but true, right now I’m concentrating on myself and making myself a better person with confidence 🖤

To the lads who are trying their hardest with girls and not getting anywhere because they are attached to a fuck boy. Don’t give up. They will see sense. Keep doing you. Trust me you’re good enough. 👊🏻🖤

To the girls who are currently going through a difficult situation with a fuckboy. My email is always open. I feel you. As I’m going through one and getting back on the dating scene since being emotionally trapped by one. But trust me when he goes it will be the best thing ever. As I feel brand new and I don’t have to worry about waking up to 3am messages every morning.

I’m still me<3

Love, Shannon x


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