Mental Health

Life as a mental health advocate & blogger..

*currently listening to survival by Eminem because why not! And my sleep pattern is all over the place*

It’s not that easy as people expect. It’s not a walk in a park. It’s not being lazy. It’s not sitting on your bum. Trust me lad, answering emails and trying to write posts when your concentration levels doesn’t want to play isn’t the one. Trying to organise events when you’re exhausted. Trying to promote stuff on your blog when you are physically and mentally poorly. Feeling a burden to your followers on your social media if you don’t post or if you post an upsetting message or post you don’t want to affect your followers on their recovery journeys! Making sure your anxiety copes if I must go out and If I see people who mention my blog.

These brows are ace. 

Some days I’m dancing around my bedroom with my hair brush sorting my makeup out and singing Olly Murs so outdated (I know this, it’s my guilty pleasure ok)

Then other days, I’m struggling to find energy to even stand up and go for a wee in morning because my thoughts have taken over mind in the night and I was restless.

Mental Illness is strange. It’s silent but deadly. Therefore, we need to spread more awareness towards the subject of mental illness!

Sometimes you just wish you had an advocate for you when you are suffering bad.

All the time it’s such an amazing feeling helping others to get their voices back after fighting many years due to these cruel illnesses. When you didn’t get chance to ask for help. You’re trying to help others and make sure their situations are better than yours were.

I want to get to go to more events this year. That’s my goal at least meet some other mental health advocates and make sure my anxiety doesn’t be the bitch to me this year.


It’s hard being a Mental health advocate with social phobia and depression but I wouldn’t give it up for anything, as helping others is helping my journey and I’m getting more confident with speaking out. Plus, helping people is amazing!

I’ve made so many new friends due to being a blogger. I am so thankful to every single one who has supported me.

One day. I will be able to look back to this blog and think wow, I went through some shit times and but man, I’m still here fighting strong. 

I am so grateful I’ve been given the opportunity to be an

Fandabby Hero

Time To Change Champion

AMHA Contributor

Exhale Ambassador

If no one has told you this today.. 

You are worth it. You are beautiful. You are amazing. You are good enough. It’s okay not to be okay. Please take care of your mental health and physical health. You can do this. I believe in you. I’m going to be here every step of the way. 

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