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Something To Share With Your Children/Grandchildren

I might be only 20 years old, but I know a fair bit of knowledge on how kindness and positive actions help situations. When and if I’m able to have children, I will teach them that’s it’s okay not to be okay and life is unfair sometimes, but you can achieve anything that you want to do in your life. 

I wanted to be a zookeeper when I was five. My parents took me to Dudley zoo and then I change my career choice as the Tigers were scary at 5 years old! It’s okay if you want to change your career choices or life choices so they would benefit you. 


My lovely parents and I! Sadly my mum passed away when I was 9!


It’s okay to change your career choice if you aren’t happy in that career anymore!

As you are the most important person on this earth. 

“Cruel to be kind” – Utter bullshit. 

I looked at some “rules” in a book. I won’t name and shame as I’m not like that at all. I like to spread awareness not hate or stigma but most of their rules did offend me and I would never tell my future kids those rules and let alone any parent on how to parent their children. 

“Life is not fair. Get used to it.”

Of course, life isn’t fair. I wish I could say it is, but life is full of negatives and positives. Life is beautiful. You’re breathing. You may not be in the best situation, but you are loved and wanted.  You lose some people who meant the most to you, but you gain the truest friends. So even if you lose, you win as they will be behind you and won’t talk nasty behind your back. 

So, I thought I’d come up with some rules I’d love to tell any child and any future mini Shannon’s! 

  1. Talk to someone when you need to talk. Don’t bottle it up. As it might hurt talking about it, but I can promise you will feel a sigh of relief that you finally spoke about a problem you are facing. 
  2. Be nice to everyone. As you have no idea what’s happening in their lives. They might annoy you for 5 minutes but that could be their way of telling you that they aren’t okay and need some support. 
  3. You are loved, and you are good enough. You might not feel like it if your parents are moaning about how late you came in. Trust me, they care about you more than you think. I’m 20 and I still get 30 missed calls when I do go out to see my friends and when I don’t answer the first phone call. 
  4. Dream big kid. You can do this. You can reach for your dream. It might take a couple of years, but you can do this. 
  5. You are the future. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Bad grades or bad pasts don’t define you. 
  6. YOU ARE IMPORTANT. Your feelings and thoughts matter and don’t let anyone think they don’t. 
  7. Speak to your parents when you do need someone to talk to. Trust me, parents do know a lot of stuff and they once were teenagers before you were born! I’m only 20 and my grandad tells me his dating stories and what not to do! 
  8. Your physical and mental health is so important. 
  9. If you need rest. Have that rest. Don’t push yourself and make yourself ill over anything. 
  10. Listen to your parents/grandparent’s advice. They will notice any change in your behaviour etc before you do, and you’ll thank them in the end. 
  11. You are appreciated. You are needed. 
  12. We all make mistakes in our lives. Don’t dwell on the mistakes. Keep thinking positive. 
  13. Remove all the toxic people/situations from your life. I did it and I feel better and I don’t have to stress whether I’m going to get a text saying horrible and nasty stuff.


That’s my rules from the 20-year-old. I don’t know everything in my life and I don’t say I do but I do know some stuff from my teen years back then!

Also, from the 20-year-old… I’d love to you to have a gander on @BrownhillsBob website as if you are from West Midlands. The history and news of Brownhills are very interesting. 

Now, I’m going back to my hot chocolate and makeup haul videos! 

You define you. No one else does. Just be you and you will blossom. 

Till next time. 


Love, Shannon Diana x 

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