Huge Makeup Haul Part 1.

It’s your Aldridge gal, Shan!

This is going to be one of my long ass posts. So, I’m going to do it in three parts. So, grab yourself a cuppa and biscuits or fruit whatever tickles your pickle and enjoy! 

I was a bit nervous talking about makeup and beauty on my blog as I consider myself to be a mental health advocate. But I was thinking, why shouldn’t I talk about beauty and game of thrones? As that is me and I’m still me while I’m battling two mental illnesses.

I haven’t done one of these for a long time! I didn’t buy any makeup since 2017! But pass a couple of weeks I went on a splurge. With my own money I saved. Because makeup makes me happy.

Plus, me and impulse spending is just awful, and I think that’s a symptom of bipolar disorder but I’m keeping my eye on that and my moods to see if they are showing other symptoms then I will go to my mental health team and ask for help. As it’s okay to ask for help.

If you have a hobby and it makes you feel good. Carry on with your hobby whatever it is. If it doesn’t cost a penny then that’s amazing but if it does cost some money be careful.  As I don’t want no one to get into debt. Whatever it is. Please be happy. 

If you want to buy that extra palette you do it. You only live once.

My hobby is makeup and talking about Jon Snow. 

I bloody love makeup. Everyone knows I do. I love online orders as well. I used to love going to shops and buying it when I can afford it but that’s a no go now with my social phobia being a pain this week as something triggered it. I have no idea what triggered it off, but it happens.

I’m still waiting for my Tam Beauty order & elf order!

So, what did I order?

The first website I used was Beauty Bay.

If you spend over £30 you get free next UK delivery which is ace but not nice for my bank account!

Hermes on the other hand…

1-  Glazed Doughnut Highlighter by Ofra x Nikki Tutorials!

Retail Price on beauty bay is £25.

I was eying this highlighter up for ages since it came out, but I thought nah Shannon you can’t just spend £25 pounds on just one highlighter. I was watching YouTube videos of people raving about it. I wanted it more each day. But luckily beauty bay gave me a discount code, so I paid £20 and for some reason, I thought nah that isn’t bad at all. I added it to the basket on beauty bay and yeah it magically turned up in my highlight collection oops!

But, OMG. It’s amazing!

I swatched it on my arm and I was impressed. I was in a rush, so I tried it on my skin and oh my, pigmentation was stunning. For a pale ass girl like myself, it didn’t leave a shadow, or it didn’t look cakey. It looked perfect. So, I’m glad I bought it now. I am going to play with it more with my inner corner highlight when I do a bright eye look. If your pale like me. You need this in your collection!



2- Misslyn Beach Please! Bronzing & Contouring Power.

In the shade Holiday Hooray! 

Retail price in beauty bay was £7.50.

I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and try contouring without looking like a clown. Hands down, I was a bit nervous as this was the lightest shade and I thought this would still be too dark as I’m so pale and I can’t tan. I haven’t tried it on my skin yet but when I do I will upload a full review on my blog.

The packaging is super cute. I mean “Beach please!” That’s super cute and play on words for something else and my favourite saying when someone tries to bring me down. In the pan, it looks super dark that what made me super wary but, on my hand, it looks okay on my skin. I paid £6.00 as with the discount code I had.

So, I’m hoping it’s super blendable and amazing on my skin but keep your eyes peeled on that one.

Beach Please! 


3- Classic Horror Liquid Lipstick LA Splash

In the shade creature.

Retail price on beauty bay is £9.50.

Yes, it’s bright purple. I stay away from bright colours normally. But this was cute as anything. I wanted to try to get out my comfort zone as well to try to boost my self-esteem as I was feeling a bit shitty about myself recently.

The pigmentation of this lipstick is great. I really rate it. It doesn’t dry your lips either! Only thing I don’t rate is how long it dries! It takes about 5 minutes to go fully matte! If I’m in a rush. I don’t want to be waiting five minutes. But it’s my personal preference so I’m not going to shame a product on the timings.

I do highly recommend this! Look how cute the packaging is though! Super cute and sometimes you just need to wear a bright colour to show the world not to mess with you!


My second beauty bay order was in fact when they put a 20% on Jeffree Star cosmetics. Everyone knows I love Jeffree Star highlighters and eyeshadows! So, I couldn’t really resist even if my savings account now hates me.

1- Jeffree Star X Manny MUA Lipstick

In the shade Daddy.

Beauty Bay retails it at £16.00. I got it at £12.80!

Which is decent for Jeffree Star!

I wanted this Collab so bad but back when they released it the collection. I couldn’t afford it and I wasn’t going to put myself into debt. Even if I love makeup. I knew I couldn’t afford it and I was like okay keep saving. So, I did, I didn’t want “I’m shook” as I have far too many red liquid lippies. I didn’t want the highlighter anyway. So, I wasn’t that upset. But I did want the lip colour Daddy.

I’m so happy I made the impulse buy. I bloody love it! Goes on well and isn’t cakey on the lips as some lipsticks are like that on my lips. I own 3 Jeffree star lipsticks and this shade isn’t my favourite, but I do like the lippy.

The formula is ok. It’s not like his old ones. But I do like the lipstick. 


2- Platinum Ice Skin Frost Palette.

This palette retails on beauty bay at £35. We go it for £28. It was a gift for me. So, I didn’t buy it.

The separate skin frosts cost £25.50. So, for £35 for 6 shades. It’s a bargain.

I’m a very pale girl so I keep away from dark highlighters. As it normally shows up as a bruise on my face. That isn’t the look I like to go with if you get me.

Ice Cold must be my favourite shade out of the six pans because it suits my skin!! For a change!

Lavender Snow is the least favourite as it feels dry and it doesn’t have the buttery feeling like the others do but you can work with that shade and build it up! 

It’s good value for money if you like saving just like me. I highly recommend this. It’s good for all skin tones as well! I’d suggest for more intense glow, use a damp brush! It works wonders!


That’s my part one completed..

Part 2 will be from Superdrug!

Keep your eyes peeled.

Till next time.

Love, Shannon Diana x

If you would like to contact me for PR or any collaborations or even support if you are going through a bad time. Please follow my social media accounts and email me. 

Thank You x

Instagram- @Shannondianaxx  

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Email- ShannonDianax@outlook.com

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