Mental Health

Dealing with the stigma of mental illness

I’m not going to bullshit you on here and say oh no one has ever given me stigma against my mental illnesses. Because that is a big fat lie.

I face stigma every single day on social media and daily living as I’m very personal and open about my mental health.

In arguments with former ex-partners I got some of these thrown at me:

You don’t know what you’re talking about you’re fucked up.

You haven’t got nothing to be depressed about.

Just snap out of it.

You are disgusting.

Ew, you have scars.

Nutter over here.

Then on social media, I get:

You shouldn’t really talk about mental health 24/7 you know.

Why not? It’s a taboo subject what’s happening in life.

You’re so open about your own mental health.

It helps me and it’s helping other people and most importantly getting rid of the stigma and raising awareness against illnesses.

I’m not going to do a big hateful rant about people who stigmatize people with any mental illness because I’m not that kind of person and I want to help people to understand mental health.

Half of the people who do stigmatize any person while they are battling any type of mental illness they haven’t been educated properly on mental illness.

Before I started educating myself on mental illness when I first got diagnosed with two, I stigmatised myself.

Hands up. I even said to doctors “Oh I’m a bit fucked up in the head, aren’t I?” – That’s wrong. I’m not fucked up. I’m still Shannon and I’m just poorly.

Having a mental illness doesn’t mean you are messed up. It means you are ill and you need treatment just like any illness but with a mental illness, you can’t see the damage it causes to yourself.

Therefore, we have awareness days and those days are meant to spread awareness of mental health and to let people know that it’s okay not to be okay and it’s okay to ask for help when you need support.

And well the other half who do say horrible and cruel things to anyone with a mental illness and they know they are battling please change your ways and support them as I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, not even the people who left me in the times I needed them the most.

Here are some quick mental health facts:

  1. 1 in 4 adults will experience a mental illness at some point each year in the UK.
  2. You aren’t just miserable if you are battling depression. That’s a myth.
  3. 75% of young people with a mental health problem are not receiving treatment.
  4. Suicide is the biggest killer of young people in the UK.
  5. Just 6% of UK health research spending goes on mental health.
  6. 10% of school children have a diagnosable mental illness.
  7. The average wait for effective treatment for any mental illness is 10 years.

I’m not going to stop spreading awareness. Because it feels amazing helping people. I’m not going to stop blogging. Stigma can’t get me down. I’m already battling two illnesses what try to get me down and try to win 24/7. I’m strong even if sometimes I don’t feel strong and I feel a failure. 

Dealing with stigma is hard and exhausting at times but times it makes me stronger and gives me more energy to fight and show how many people they were so wrong. 

I define me not my social phobia disorder or depression.

Just because I’m ill right now doesn’t mean the illnesses are me.

Labels are for jars. Not for people.

I still love Jon Snow Aka Kit Harrington.

He’s my crush. I still get teenage crushes. 

raw (1)
Please have a gif of Jon Snow with ghost the direwolf. He’s so dreamy. 

I still love makeup.

I still love my cuppas in the morning.

I’m still normal.

Till next time. 

Love, Shannon Diana x 


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Thank You x

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