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Why I suck at emotions and feelings?

Let’s be honest, I’m emotionally unavailable here. I can’t be dealing with emotions. That’s why I don’t have any and I suck at all the touchy mushy stuff. I’m not going to hate anyone if they like that kind of stuff but that’s not me.

Unless we are talking about Game Of Thrones or Dragon Ball Z and Recess or Batman animated series… Because I bloody love them shows.

I can’t stand morning messages and talking to someone 24/7. That’s just me and I just sometimes love my personal space and time for myself.

I can’t stand being moaned at because I’m not replying fast enough because I’m crap at replying in general. Just ask my best friend.

I take 3-7 business days to respond to a message but that’s just me and my best mate copes with that even if it annoys her, but I know she loves me and puts up with that flaw of mine.

I’m indecisive for real. I can’t make decisions that much, so I tend to have a go with the flow attitude as I cope with that and making plans when I’m feeling good isn’t the best when the next day my anxiety is over the roof.

I just suck at emotions as a person, just because I don’t want to get hurt again and maybe I just overprotect my feelings but why shouldn’t I? As my feelings are very important.

I’ve never had the I love him moment yet. I love my friends and family of course I do but in a romance way, I haven’t found anyone yet. But that is fine. I’m in no rush and to be fair hearing about arguments about relationships puts me right off.

If you say to me. “Oh Shannon, you’re looking really good today” I’ll probably turn bright red like a tomato because I’m not great with compliments.

Maybe in later life, I’ll get better with feelings and emotions but right now I’m happy that I’m emotionally unavailable as it means I can’t get hurt and that’s a good thing for me right now!

If I’m honest, I just want a drama free life now in this time of my life.

I’m only 20.

I’m not bothered if I haven’t met Mr right yet. Because that takes time and as my nan says it takes a lot of frogs to kiss before you meet your prince.

So yeah, that’s why I suck at the modern emotions and feelings.

Till next time.


Love, Shannon Diana x

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3 thoughts on “Why I suck at emotions and feelings?

  1. I feel sorry for young people who feel pressurised to be available via social media all of the time.
    I don’t speak to anyone for about 2 hours in the morning. Sometimes I don’t use social media for a couple of days. I’m lucky that when I was your age I didn’t have to communicate with the rest of the world apart from my family for days of I didn’t want to. Everyone needs headspace like everyone needs to eat. Some people need more headspace than others. If you want to turn off your phone for days, go for it.


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