How To Gain Body Confidence!

Going to keep this introduction very short and sweet! (Like myself!)

So, let’s begin.

I used to have zero self-confidence in myself. I used to tell myself, that I was ugly and FAT. Let’s ban that word in this post. Because I cannot stand that word. Yeah, I’m fat but I’m fabulous and I eat healthy and have a well-balanced diet and do exercise. So, I don’t need to be told that kind of jargon. See, I’m babbling on now. So, let’s get started.

I had no self-esteem thanks to anxiety & depression coming into my life at a young age. I never looked at myself in the mirror. I never took pictures of myself. I never felt good about myself.

So, I want to give the followers of my blog or social media. Some tips what I did to gain some confidence and right now, I am loving myself.

  • Fake it till you make it– One of my best tips I ever taught myself. I don’t mean fake your personality, no! I mean go and look in the mirror and give yourself a cute compliment every single day like “Oh damn you are looking fine today!”. Trust me, your mind will believe a lot of things when it’s being told every single day that you are good enough and you are perfect in your own body.
  • Treat yourself to new clothes– I found out if I chilled in my trackies and my hair up I felt worse about my body. But if I bought a new pair of ripped jeans and a new top from Primark. I felt a bit better about myself.
  • Get rid of toxic energy in your life– If you have someone who is constantly bringing you down and telling you that you are worthless. You are going to start believing it aren’t you? Get rid of that and have some positive energy and get some people who are down for you.
  • Girls!! Put your favourite music on and dance in your bedroom-  Trust me, I hated dancing back then until now. I do love putting rap music on and I love dancing in my room and singing into the mirror. It gives the “you are flawless” feeling.
  • Look straight into the mirror and say I am perfect the way I am, and I don’t need to change for no one. 
  • Accept the compliments– Trust me at first, I was blushing like a tomato and I never believed one single compliment when I was given one. 

After struggling with body confidence for such a long time. I can finally say that I love my body and mean it. This includes all my “flaws” that used to haunt me. The cellulite I have. The stretch marks I have on my tummy and my thighs. The rolls what everyone has when they sit down. The chin I have. The chubby cheeks what made me feel awful about myself. Now I love. The back fat I use to hide with baggy tops. The arms and legs I hated to show as they weren’t the right size.

My body is mine. My body is good enough and my body is perfect for me. My body is my temple and it’s been there through bad times and the good times. 

I am happy with my body and so should you be! 

All my best my loves. 

Shannon Diana xx

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11 thoughts on “How To Gain Body Confidence!

  1. CherishingFLo says:

    These are great tips and this is so empowering. I think one I may start utlizing is buying new clothes. I don’t ever treat myself to anything like that and it may be time that I start.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Elizabeth Velez says:

    Fake it till you make it, girl. It’s the best line I’ve told myself. Our minds are so powerful and if we allow ourselves to relish the sweet moments of happiness, it’ll eventually consume us! ❤



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