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How to be healthier and feel happier in yourself..

Good morning.

You see since starting paroxetine on 20mg my weight has changed. At first, I was losing weight because I wasn’t hungry, and I was doing exercise, so I was losing calories and I wasn’t eating that much which isn’t the best. I would not recommend that. I would force yourself to eat. I wish I did. But now since taking that medication, I’ve put on a few pounds. Which is totally fine because I’ll lose that weight when I’m doing exercise so I’m not that worried.

Looking back at my recovery journey. I’ve been through some stages of self-doubt and just being cruel to myself because that point I was a lost cause if we must be honest about this. I was being harsh about my eating habits. Because I have an anxiety disorder it’s hard to get outside so back then I wasn’t exercising that much. I was putting weight on and I hated myself and it was a vicious cycle until now.

So, I want to talk about today how I have started to accept myself and my circumstances. I want help everyone to feel happier in their bodies and I want to give a few easy tips on how to feel healthier and happier in ourselves.

  • This will sound silly, but it did work for me. When I was going through my bad stage of my anxiety and depression. I used to sleep until the afternoon and that wasn’t healthy for my body or my mind. So, I wanted to enjoy the day more and wanted to get a few things done in my day. I set myself 3 alarms. The first alarm would be to wake myself up at 8am. So, I could get up and brush my teeth and have a shower and all that jazz. But if I was having a bad day and didn’t feel like I could get up due to a bad night with thoughts. I didn’t beat myself up about it. No, I just waited until the second alarm.  The second alarm would be about 30 minutes after so 8:30am. Then the third alarm would be 15 minutes after. Sometimes when I’m having a good day with my mental health. I can get up before 8am. But on my bad days I get up at 9am. Don’t punish yourself though. Because you are battling through a hard time and that is taking up your energy and your motivation. Mental Illness is a chronic illness. You can’t just wake up and jump out of bed shouting that you are recovered within a day. I wish that could happen.
  • Drink water first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I always feel refreshed when I wake up from sleeping if I’ve drunk at least a glass of water the night before. I always leave a bottle of water and bottle of fruit juice in case I wake up in the night and need a drink. Because I found that my energy level is lower when I haven’t drunk that much. Plus, it hydrates your body and your skin. You will end up with flawless skin and trust me that will give you a bit of a confidence boost.
  • Listen to your favourite music and create a playlist. I dig this idea so much. Everyone who knows me. Knows I am a playlist geek and I have like 1000 playlists on my phone for every occasion or mood I am in. I have a sad playlist when I am feeling upset and sad. I have a playlist for when I am feeling motivated and happy. I have a playlist for everything.
  • Have a balanced diet and maintain your 3 meals a day. This is the main thing when you are battling a mental illness or a physical illness. You need strength to fight. I’ll be 100% honest, my eating habits suffer when I’m having a bad day, but I try to maintain my 3 meals a day.
  • Talk to someone. The most vital thing. When I feel like the pressuring is overflowing I force myself to be open to my nan or I book myself an emergency doctor’s appointment when I can see the decline in my mental health and tell them how I am feeling. It helps.
  • Get some new clothes and change your appearance a little, I don’t mean hate yourself hell no, but I mean if you are feeling meh in your body. Get a new piercing or dye your hair. Trust me when I dye my hair. I feel better about myself.
  • Be yourself. Don’t fake being you. You are perfect the way you are. You don’t need to change for anyone. So, what if people don’t like you. You weren’t born to please every person in your life. Get rid of fake and toxic people who are bringing you down.
  • Start yourself a little journal. Therefore, I created my blog to jot my feelings and thoughts down and help people. Plus, it makes me feel better and happier. When I am having a bad day, I look at one of my posts and I get the I got through that hard time. I can do this hard time feeling.
  • Do some self-care. Self-care is important. Run yourself a nice hot bath and watch your favourite movies. Turn your phone off and enjoy some peace and quiet. Read a book or colour. Do your make up. Play on a game console. Self care makes you feel happier and much stronger in yourself.
  • Do some exercise. I hated PE at school. But now I love doing exercise. Learning to dance is my favourite thing. It brings my confidence out and it makes me feel better and healthier in myself. It gives you extra endorphins and enkephalins the natural feel good hormones and it boosts your mood. Even if it’s a little 20 minute walk or walking up the stairs a few times. It will make a positive impact on your life and your mental wellbeing.

Don’t punish yourself if you don’t feel better straight away. It takes time. I’ve been battling low self-esteem and body confidence issues and I’m slowly recovering. We all have relapses in our journeys. That doesn’t mean we are weak. Because we aren’t weak. We are strong. It’s just a process of recovery. I’ve had 5 relapses and I’m not ashamed of them. They make me feel stronger and makes me have the urge to fight more.

You are loved. You are worth the fight. You are more than your illnesses, you can fight this I believe in you. You are flawless. You are fabulous.

All the best my loves,  Love from Shannon Diana xx 

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12 thoughts on “How to be healthier and feel happier in yourself..

  1. What a lovely post! Getting plenty of sleep and keeping hydrated makes a surprising amount of difference! Also, making a change to your appearance or introducing a new routine does the world of good because it mixes things up a little and makes you feel fresh!

    Meg x |


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