Body Confidence in the bedroom.

Sex is a taboo subject. But confidence in the bedroom is another thing. Some girls feel so insecure when they are having sex with their partners. But others girls can feel so confident while having sex. At the time of my life I had no confidence and thinking about sex was the worst thing ever to me. I had the fear of undressing in front of guys. I was so hateful of my body image.

But this pass year my confidence is slowing growing each day. Talking about sex is just a daily feature of my life. So I wanted to share my tips on how to gain confidence and how to use it in the bedroom.

So let’s get started..

  1. Buy yourself a cute pair of underwear. Treat yourself. Because when I was in a low state of my life I had no sex drive but when I ordered a new set of underwear my confidence grew.
  2. Look at yourself in the mirror. It sounds silly but I promise you if you look at yourself in the mirror daily and appreciate your imperfections each day you will start to love yourself.
  3. Get to know your own body. It isn’t all just about having body confidence it’s also about knowing your own limits and no other person will know that until you know yourself.
  4. Fake it till you make it. It works so well for me. When I‘m having a bad day with my mental health. If you keep pretending that you do have confidence. It will slowly come to you naturally. Challenge your inner goddess.
  5. Consider that the person you are having sex with. They might also have insecurities with their body confidence.
  6. It’s not the end of the world if you leave your top on while having sex. Trust me, there are times where I am lacking in my own body confidence so I leave my t-shirt on. Don’t feel stressed and under pressure if that happens.
  7. Show them your skills. If you are good at anything in the bedroom and show your partner and trust me, that will boost your confidence.
  8. Leave the old times behind. One thing what hurt me most is remembering the old things and they sometimes affect my confidence now.
  9. Don’t compare yourself to other people.
  10. Most importantly relax.

Do you have any tips?

All the best my loves,

Love from Shannon Diana xx

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3 thoughts on “Body Confidence in the bedroom.

  1. The diary of Ellie says:

    Really love these tips but its so annoying that sex is still seen as a taboo subject, bloggers should 100% be writing more posts about these kind of mature topics for readers who are growing up and becoming at the age/stage of their life when sex is probably gonna be on their mind or being something they’ll be involving themselves in and having these really well written, insightful posts that could really help their confidence if they’re lacking it is so important x


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