Month: June 2018

Flying the nest but with a little twist.

You heard that title. I’m moving out of my family home! Finally! (My nan is probably jumping around inside) But with a little twist. My 5 ugly little sisters will be with me as always so this is why I want to document my journey of moving out and living independently with my best friend. 

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To The Doctor Who Made My Mental Health A Priority Not An Issue.

Doctor Flenley, I’ve written numerous posts thanking you for all your help, but I decided to make a brand new one and explain everything. How do I even begin to write this post, when I know the words I put will never truly be enough to thank you for all you have done for me and

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11 years of mental illness and me!

Hello guys! I’m back! I felt like I was neglecting my blog since going over to YouTube with my best friend but in reality, my mental health was deteriorating yet again. I’m not looking for sympathy, I just want to raise awareness for mental illness. I’m your average 20-year-old girl but with a little life-changing

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