Mental Health

11 years of mental illness and me!

Hello guys! I’m back!

I felt like I was neglecting my blog since going over to YouTube with my best friend but in reality, my mental health was deteriorating yet again. I’m not looking for sympathy, I just want to raise awareness for mental illness.

I’m your average 20-year-old girl but with a little life-changing twist.

I have 5 invisible illnesses.

You can’t see them but they still exist.

11 years eh? Time goes so fast when there’s not a lot of awareness of mental illness doesn’t it?!

I started having thoughts when I started secondary school in 2009. Then I started feeling voices but at that age, I thought that was normal and I was scared in case I was taken off my Grandma. 

Highs and lows. Manic and depressive episodes. Impulsive spending and dangerous ideas what I felt when I was manic. Side effects of mental illness on my physical health let alone my mental health. Seeing how many health professionals and trying a new medication every time because the side effects were awful.

Slipping through mental health services and transferring to Camhs then being sent back to doctors many times. Broken friendships and relationships. Crying uncontrollably into being over hyper at times. Feeling mentally exhausted but physically I could run a marathon.

Dealing with growing up and school life. Bullies and hormones. First boyfriends and breakups. Heartbreaks. School prom. Getting my first paid job.

Seeing my grandma ill and poorly. Being told if I didn’t make that urgent phone call for an ambulance I would have lost her to chest sepsis. Then dealing with my panic attacks going to a hospital what triggers my mental health to slip.

Having flashbacks when I saw my mum unconscious in her bed. Being told different diagnoses by different physiatrists. Coming to terms of my dad having a heart attack and having to have a life-saving operation. Then dealing with the aftermath of his surgery.

Mulitple failed suicide attempts and home treatment. Trying therapy what made it worse. Seeing so many doctors what just blamed teenage hormones. But one doctor did actually listen to me and asked me if I was okay, 

Speaking openly about my own mental health. Telling the whole internet and the world that I have a mental illness. Being open to such negatively towards me and my mental illnesses.


Most importantly I want to document my highs and lows on my blog and my joint youtube channel with my best friend. I want to share awareness and show people who stigmatized people with mental illness how the cruel names affect us.

I will still blog but once a week until I’ve sorted my mental health out. Don’t forget to check mine and Becca’s youtube channel. 

Just so you know, it’s okay not to be okay you know, even the happiest person in the universe has their bad days. You can get through this dark hole. I believe in you. 

You are loved. You are worth the fight. You are more than your illnesses, you can fight this I believe in you. You are flawless. You are fabulous.

Thank you for all the support I am receiving, it doesn’t go unnoticed. 

Lots of love,

From Shannon Diana xx 

If you would like to contact me for PR or any collaborations or even support if you are going through a bad time. Please follow my social media accounts and email me.

Instagram- @Shannondianaxx  

Twitter- @SDianaax 


My Youtube Channel- Shannon Diana

Shannon & Becca Youtube channel- Shannon and Becca


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