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I’ve got something to tell you!

Hey everyone.  I’ve made the decision. Stressful but... Guys...  IM WRITING A BOOK WITH A PUBLISHING COMPANY! A REAL BOOK!  To think a attendance officer at my old secondary school said I wouldn’t do well in life as I didn’t have high attendance or high grades! Look at me now! Grades don’t make a difference.… Continue reading I’ve got something to tell you!

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Let’s End Pill Stigma!

Hello everyone,  It’s your girl Shannon!  How are you? Are you okay? If you aren’t that’s perfectly okay not to be okay. You are a warrior and I am super proud of you. I want to tell you a little story!  When my Nan and I collected my prescription, the pharmacist said have you taken… Continue reading Let’s End Pill Stigma!

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Hey everyone, I hope you are okay everyone.  I haven't written a post like this before and it's need to my blog but I want to document my thoughts and feelings on here as a little diary to show me when I take a look back on it in my future and even for all… Continue reading 23/08/2018