How to cope with suicidal thoughts.

If you are reading this and feeling suicidal please talk to someone. Ring samaritans if you have no one to talk too. I’m not going to say this will be easy to battle as it’s not. I’m just going to say, I’m proud of you right now for overcoming this difficult hurdle.

Just so you know, it’s okay not to be okay you know, even the happiest person in the universe has their bad days. You can get through this dark hole. I believe in you. 

You are loved. You are worth the fight. You are more than your illnesses, you can fight this I believe in you. You are flawless. You are fabulous. You aren’t alone. You are amazing and I’m proud of you all. 

I wanted to share some things I have done when I am feeling suicidal. I want to tell you first that you aren’t alone in this fight. I’m behind you fighting for you and fighting for my voice and your voices what have been cruelly taken due to mental illness and the stigma and discrimination. 


18 year old me who was constantly battling suicidal thoughts daily as I wanted to be out of this pain of Social Phobia Disorder and Depression and Suspected BPD & Bipolar Disorder and PTSD. 

  • Listen to your music via your headphones really loud! I do that when I am feeling suicidal. Sometimes it blocks the thoughts to my head when I listen to my favourite song or band then sometimes it feels easier riding the thoughts and I can sometimes feel better after listening to loud music for five minutes. 
  • TALK! The most important thing you can do. At the time you probably feel awful about talking about suicidal thoughts to someone. But trust me, you will feel a bit better by letting that emotion out. At first, I never use to tell anyone when I was experiencing suicidal thoughts which was very dangerous. But when I first started speaking about my problems and thoughts I felt that it lifted the thoughts slightly and I knew I wasn’t alone when I’m feeling those suicidal thoughts.
  • Let all your emotions out. Cry or Scream. You’re entitled to scream and shout at those thoughts, I feel better when I have a good cry. 
  • Ring someone and talk on how you are feeling. Don’t stay silent. I will list below on some helplines what are so helpful when you are having any suicidal thoughts. 
  • Go to A&E. 
  • Have hope. Recovery is near and you are worth the fight. Don’t listen to those cruel thoughts. Even though it doesn’t feel like you have hope now. Trust me, you aren’t alone in this battle. 
  • Don’t be alone. That’s the worst thing you can do when you are feeling suicidal. have a little nap with your pet. Go to the corner shop with your family member. Or even read a book to your dog or pet. 
  • Identify your triggers and situations. Prevent those from happening in the future. Like mine is drinking alcohol that’s why I don’t drink anymore as that triggers my head then my suicidal thoughts comes back so intensely. 

20 years old. Still battling those invisible mental illnesses and suicidal thoughts daily.  

What not to do when you are feeling suicidal.

  • Don’t drink alcohol or take drugs. Chances are that will make it ten times worst and stronger if you are intoxicated.
  • Don’t be alone. 
  • Don’t go into your trigger zones. 
  • Don’t mix with negative things as that will make your head 100% worse. 
  • Don’t push people away. Trust me, I pushed so many people away. I know it’s hard as you don’t want to hurt your family or friends but you won’t hurt them I promise. 

Here are some helplines what I used when I battle my suicidal thoughts. 

In the US- Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or the National Hopeline Network at 1-800-784-2433

In the UK and Ireland- Call the Samaritans at 116 123

In Austraila – Call lifeline Austraila at 13 11 14 

In any other countries- Vist ISAP or to find a helpline in your country. 

You can beat these thoughts. I believe in you. I will always be there for you even if it’s on the internet or email or even in person one day.  You are loved. You are needed in this world because you are YOU. You are badass for battling mental illness daily. I care about every single one of you. You are more than enough. You don’t need to please anyone else. God Bless x 

Love you lots. 

Shannon Diana xx


Have a picture of me getting joyful over balloons! 

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One thought on “How to cope with suicidal thoughts.

  1. Weird Louise says:

    Great post with some really helpful tips. I’ve done some of these things at one time or another when I was feeling down.


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