Paroxetine & Quetiapine! 4 months Update!


Hello, my lovely followers and readers of my blog! I hope you haven’t missed me that much! 😉 

I hope you are all okay and if you aren’t feeling ok. Just remember that’s it ok not to be ok and I hope you can get the right support you need and if you want to talk please remember that I’m here and the correct charities are here to support you!

If you haven’t seen my recent blog post Part 2 – What is a mental health nurse? Please check it out, my loves! 

I have been battling a long fight since my teenage years. I’ve been battling with my mental health. It just has to be invisible, doesn’t it? Just my luck… Well, I’ll let you into the knowledge of my little ugly sisters.

Yellow box – Quetiapine (Anti-Psychotic)  White box Paroxetine (Anti-Depressant) 

I take 2 antidepressants in the morning called Paroxetine. My dosage is 40mg. It might be upped in the future or it might even be changed. I first got prescribed at the age of 19, but I had different ones as they wouldn’t work with my head and that’s okay.

I also take an Anti-Psychotic which is called Quetiapine. I take them twice a day. My dosage is 50mg.  I got prescribed them last week. 

Let’s talk about the dreaded side effects.. 

Paroxetine (Anti-Depressant) 

  • Sleep Problems – I couldn’t sleep at all when I got first prescribed on Paroxetine. 
  • Sweating – This was the worst thing to happen to me as I was sweating like I was in an oven. 
  • A headache- I had some headaches for the first couples of days when I started taking Paroxetine, but now they’ve gone. 
  • Nausea I use to get some type of nausea every time I took them and when I ate food. 
  • Heartburn I still sometimes have the dreaded heartburn daily after taking my tablets. 

Quetiapine (Anti-Psychotic) 

  • Lightheadedness- I sometimes still get this, every time I stand up.
  • A headache- First couple of days when I started taking Quetiapine, I had some headaches.
  • Tiredness The tiredness is reaaaaal! 
  • Dry mouth I never use to have a dry mouth until I started taking Quetiapine. But, It’s not the end of the world. 

4th Month Medication review! 

I take 2 antidepressants in the morning called Paroxetine. My dosage is 40mg. It might be upped in the future or it might even be changed. I first got prescribed at the age of 19, but I had different ones as they wouldn’t work with my head and that’s okay. 

I’m now 21. It hasn’t been changed. I do think it’s slowly not working but I will talk to my GP about that when I see him next Friday! 

I also take an Anti-Psychotic which is called Quetiapine. I take them twice a day. My dosage is 50mg.  I got prescribed them last week at the age of 19. 

I’m now 21 years old. I still take Quetiapine but at night now as it works at the night for me I take a dosage of 100mg! It is helping my psychosis and is slowly regulating my moods which were mixed episode (Depressive & Manic) at the same time when I was 19! I still have my bad days but I’m working with them. 

Happy 4th Month Side Effects Update!

Paroxetine (Anti-Depressant) 

  • I use to have sleep problems with this. I use to be awake half the night. But now, I’m slowly getting myself back into a sleep schedule. With added help from Quetiapine! 
  • I don’t sweat constantly anymore. 
  • I rarely get the headaches. I still get some headaches but not due to Paroextine. 
  • I don’t get Nausea anymore which I am thankful because that nausea was awful. 
  • Heartburn well.. I still get that sometimes. Only when I forget to eat before I take them. So, I’m not saying that down to the medication. I forget sometimes. 
  • I still get tired sometimes but that is due to my bad days and not the medication. 

Quetiapine (Anti-Psychotic) 

  • I rarely get lightheadedness anymore which is a blessing as I suffered badly with that side effect. 
  • I don’t have headaches due to this medication anymore. 
  • Since taking quetiapine at night, I have the sedating effect which helps my sleeping pattern. 
  • I rarely get the dry mouth anymore. It happens sometimes. But it’s not the end of the world.

Sometimes I still get the odd comment, you shouldn’t be taking medication. It will change your mind. 

That’s complete BS. I take it because I need it or I wouldn’t be here right now If I’m honest. 

Medication shouldn’t be shamed when it helps and helps you to battle the demons when all your mind wants is to die. Medication doesn’t make you weak. Medication doesn’t fix the problem but it helps while you’re fixing them yourself.

I took medication for my heart when I was a toddler, no one said anything. But it’s different to people if I take medication for a mental illness. It’s not acceptable to take medication for your mind but it’s acceptable to take medication for physical illnesses. 

You wouldn’t tell someone with a life-limiting illness to stop taking their medication and just go out for a walk, would you? 

So, why would you tell someone who is suffering in silence to just snap out of it? 

Let me tell you a little something… 

Mental Illnesses are life limiting.

Have you ever tried to get out of bed when you mentally feel like there’s a ten stone on your chest? Have you ever missed daily things you use to do? But now, you find it hard to get out of the front door. 

Mental illnesses can be deadly if it’s not treated or recognised at the right time!

I’m Shannon Diana, I’m 21 years old and I take medication to help with my mind while I’m trying to fix myself. I’m not ashamed.

Yeah, my mind sometimes doesn’t want to play nice. The demons are nasty as anything when I am having a bad day.. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. But I still have a beating heart and I am still human. I still have feelings just like you. I’m just like you if I’m honest. Just because my heart is kind and my mind isn’t kind at times. It doesn’t give you the right to judge me or anyone who is battling an illness, mentally or physically. 

Till next time.. 


Love From Shannon Diana xx

It is perfectly okay to admit when you’re not okay.

 Mental illness isn’t going to get the last laugh. I am

I fight for my health and for other peoples health every single day in a way most people won’t understand, we aren’t lazy. We are warriors! 

If you don’t feel like talking to yet, I’ll always be here and I’ll help out any way I can. You aren’t alone. 

I know how it feels to be pushed aside. But listen, you are amazing and I’m proud of you so much. 

Just so you know, it’s okay not to be okay you know, even the happiest person in the universe has their bad days. You can get through this dark hole. I believe in you. 

You are loved. You are worth the fight. You are more than your illnesses, you can fight this I believe in you. You are flawless. You are fabulous. You aren’t alone. You are amazing and I’m proud of you all. 

You can beat these thoughts. I believe in you. I will always be there for you even if it’s on the internet or email or even in person one day.  You are loved. You are needed in this world because you are YOU. You are badass for battling mental illness daily. I care about every single one of you. You are more than enough. You don’t need to please anyone else.

Here is some numbers to contact if you are expierencing a mental health crisis: 

Samaritians- For everyone! 24 hours, 7 days a week: 

Call this number – 116 123 

Email address is 

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) – For Men!  5pm to midnight every day.

Call this number: 0800 58 58 58 

Webpage chat room if you don’t want to phone the link is: Webpage Chat

Papyrus- For people under 35! Monday to Friday 10am to 10pm. Weekends 2pm to 10pm. Bank Holidays 2pm to 5pm. 

Phone number: 0800 068 41 41 

Text Number: 07786 209697


Childline- For children and young people under 19. 

Call 0800 1111 (Number won’t show up on your phone bill) 

The Silver Line- For older people 

Call: 0800 4 70 80 90 

In the US: Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or the National Hopeline Network at 1-800-784-2433

In Austraila- Call Lifeline Austraila at 13 11 14

In other countries- Visit ISAP OR to find a helpline in your country. 

Other places you could go or ring in a crisis in UK: 

  1. Call your GP- Ask for an emergency appointment. 
  2. Call 111 – Out of hours- They will help you find the support and help you need. 
  3. Contact your mental health crisis team if you have one. 

If you would like to contact me for PR or any collaborations or even support if you are going through a bad time. Please follow my social media accounts and email me.

Instagram- @Shannondianaxx  

Twitter- @SDianaax 


Facebook Page- Mental Health & My Life

Facebook Page- Mental Health & My Life

4 comments on “Paroxetine & Quetiapine! 4 months Update!”

  1. It’s so stressful when people won’t accept that medication is necessary, it’s hard enough taking that step yourself without people who have ZERO understanding of the conditions or the meds leaping in with scary stories and opinions.

    Glad you’re side-effects are wearing down. Happy new year xx

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