My first ever Hinch haul

Like oh my god, I can understand the craze when it comes to Mrs H! I’ve only been following her for like 2 days and I already love cleaning. Anyway, I am still ill with a nasty chest infection and your girl has now posted 4 times on her blog? Like wow! Don’t expect this every week! 

I was browsing through Instagram. As you do, I found the hashtag #HinchingthroughMH. 

I thought it was bloody brilliant!

I have noticed that is it very therapeutic cleaning and when I was making my mood boards on Pinterest. Especially when you are planning your dream home.

I feel like a housewife.

Like where is my prince charming?! 

Everyone is probably laughing at me and saying oh shan, you are turning into an old woman. But nooooooo! I feel like a right little housewife! I preordered Mrs Hinch new book and ordered another book called mind over clutter. I also did a little Hinch haul. 

I brought 2 things. As I am on a budget. 

Air Fresheners. Yeah, not a good idea when your nose is blocked is it Shan? Nah! I brought a Morrisons own brand type in the fragrance of dry cotton which was £1.00. I also brought an Airwick Pure in Cherry Blossom which was £2.00. They both haven’t got that terrible wet after spray what makes the floor slippery thankfully.

My first ever little #HinchHaul

I currently live with my grandma and my big brother who’s 25. So, I’m helping keep the house smell nice and all. I love it. I can’t wait to move into my own house and just treat it like my own little baby until I have a baby and boyfriend in the future. 

Love From


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