Mental Health

The five positives of bipolar

Number One – Creativity can be a curse but also a blessing!

Because I have bipolar which is mixed, I’m depressed but also manic at the same time and that is the worst but also the best battle of my life. Some of my best ideas are down to BP. Like this blog. I would never have thought I’d be a blogger or even writing. Also, back in 2018. I created my mental health awareness sessions while I was manic which was good but I did far too much which led to My mind and body to shut down which caused me to have a mental health crisis.

As you see, creativity can be a curse but it can be a blessing in small doses.

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Number TwoBeing high for life without taking alcohol or drugs. (Now, that can be a negative as some reckless decisions can cause trouble and be unsafe. It can be positive if you are having the correct treatment and support with BP)

When I’m manic, it’s the best but worse feeling ever if you get my drift. I feel so alive but I have racing thoughts and my head constantly tells me I need to do something or complete how many tasks in a set time frame. But, I have the need to experience life. I’m really chatty & confident which can be a blessing as when I’m feeling depressed, I feel low and I rarely talk to anyone.

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Number ThreeYou know the true colours of people when you have BP.

This has to be my big one as I’ve lost friends but also gain some amazing friends due to BP. They’ve seen my worst but also have seen the best of my life and they still love and love me for who I am not my BP. I have a small circle of friends but you know what?! I don’t care. I love them all.

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Number FourBeing a quick learner.

When I’m experiencing a high episode. I do anything that’s safe to do. I can pick near most anything up. I am a very quick learner, I’ve been told when it has to with physical activities but when it’s numbers or so I’m quick but I have to put my mind to do it as the number kinda overwhelm me. 

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Number FiveBeing enthusiastic.

This has to be my favourite apart from creativity as when I have a hobby, I do my best and won’t give up on it until it’s up to my standards. I will rave about it all the time. It’s a blessing when it comes to friendships or relationships as I am enthusiastic with them. I give them pep talks and show them so much love and peace.

I hate when someone speaks negatively about themselves as I’ve been in that way and I was the worse energy for myself and I was so toxic with my mind and head. I’d never want to go back to that girl in 2017/2018.

I have my own little peace and happiness. I’m starting to love myself and accept myself that yeah I might be different to others the way I think but I am still a human and I still deserve that love and respect. I have bad days but I have some awesome good days.

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See ya later x 

If you would like to contact me for PR or any collaborations or even support if you are going through a bad time. Please follow my social media accounts and email me.

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