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Today post is about hypersexuality and talking about the positives out of a negative situation. As you all know I’m all about positives even if it’s out of a negative situation. I’m very positive about life and its journey, but I will speak about the negatives about hypersexuality in a future blog post.

On this blog… It’s okay to talk about sex, it’s okay to talk about mental health and illnesses, it’s okay to talk about body positivity and bedroom confidence and every single topic what is sadly stigmatised in today’s world.

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Hypersexuality can be a curse. Trust me, I’ve experienced the lows but also the highs of this symptom of BP. Some people who have BP can have decreased sex drives but others may experience a high sex drive and others may have a mixed like myself.

When I’m depressed, my sex drive disappears but when I am having a manic episode. It’s higher than the tallest building.



Consensual sex is the best sex here folks.

⬆️ Let’s clear that one up! ⬆️

Please make sure you are protected. Use condoms. Get protection like the implant or coil fitted. Or take the pill.

If you are a friend or have a partner with hypersexuality or with bipolar and they are showing signs of not being ok and they still want sex. For the love of god. Don’t proceed, make sure they are in a state to consent.

Just because we have hypersexuality or bipolar, it doesn’t mean we can’t have consent. We deserve consent. We deserve the basic human right to say YES OR NO.

  • We can talk openly about sex. It doesn’t bother us half of the times. It’s human nature after all.
  • We know what we like and what we don’t like when it comes down to sex. (NO AWKWARD SILENCES HERE)
  • We can make sex look like a porn movie. We have a lot of creativity in our minds due to our BP.
  • We can make our sex lives MORE exciting.
  • We know about kinks and sex toys.
  • We don’t need porn when our minds are so creative.
  • If you are in a relationship with someone with BP or hypersexuality. You won’t be bored on Valentine’s Day! 
  • We probably have a beautiful collection of sex toys.

See ya later x 

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